Hey, look, Instragram is copying from Quarter to Three!

When a multibillion dollar company points out that likes are detrimental to the quality of a conversation, my heart swells with pride for them. I’ll be taking my victory lap.



A+++ would read again.

I don’t get it, if not having likes prevents popularity contests then how did @ChristienMurawski win?



Like. ;)

pumps fist NIIIIICE!

How will I be able to quantitatively assess my value as a person now?

Plus 1

Join Reddit?


Except they aren’t removing likes, just the public seeing how many there are. So I still have a way to show someone I liked what they posted, without the annoying “I agree” post.

I’m pretty sure that was never an option for us, but it if had been, I would have been open to it.

And as I’ve said before, feel free to send folks PMs telling them, “hey, that was cool what you posted”. Don’t be shy! I can’t imagine anyone would ever object to getting a PM that said that.


This thread is a reason why this forum needs downvote buttons.



What is Instagram’s position on the use of spoiler tags?

I don’t think they do.