HGL: Not ready for prime time

I like the game when it is working but “Massive Crash Bugs” are extremely prevalent for me and many people playing the game. Not quite in the AO realm but still not ready for release. I did not play Vanguard so please take my comments in context: The worst release in recent MMORPG history (charging a subscription puts you in the same category imo).

Do these guys ever learn?

LOL. Yeah…I will sub to this…cough…not.

Oh snap.

Acronym check please? Hell Gate Live?

There’s been at least 3 hellgate london threads on the first page of this forum for the last week or more. I think it’s probably safe enough to use the acronym and expect most people to get it.

Sorry, guess I’m not enough of a fan or read enough of the threads to know it as Hell Gate London. I thought the title of the game is Hellgate. Thanks for clearing that up though.

And here I thought it stood for Hella Giggly Livers. We all know there’s no way that shit’s ready for PT.

It’s actually Hellgate: London, but you can imagine how well it’d work if they tried to call it HL.

Agreed, Herschell Gordon Lewis was before his time.

FYI, turning down your graphics settings appears to help quite a bit with this. I turned most everything down to medium or so and crashed once in 4 hours last night, and not at all today in maybe 3 more hours of gameplay.

HGL definitely needs some work, but it’s no sb.exe!

Gamespy’s review is also echoing this comment. I can’t remember but did the original D2 have an auto sort feature for the inventory or was that added in the expansion? I just can’t figure out why that isn’t one of the first things set up for action rpgs considering the importance of loot.

Are the majority of the bugs only for the multiplayer, or is the single player bug ridden as well?

It hasn’t crashed on me while playing the game, mainly because it crashes when I try to install the game. I hate these beta (Pre-release) demo’s, give me a polished/final build demo; not a work in progess…Please!!!

They seem hell-bent (ha!) on causing the player as much inconvenience as possible - no respecs, only three character slots (for absolutely no good reason whatsoever), no inventory sort, no shared inventory, shitty chat client.

I like HGL a lot, but some of their decisions are baffling.

This was doing weird shit even before I could play it. It came up with some error about “virtual resource limitations” and pointed me to a patch.exe at microsoft. Oddly, this isn’t a regular patch through windows update for some reason.

Then I crashed with the first bluescreen I’ve ever seen on my current machine. Good goin, HGL. While I was rebooting, my wife locked up and had to reboot too. Then we finally both got into the game at the same time, played to the point where you zone to the second town, and both of us crashed to desktop zoning. Reboot. Back in for about 30 minutes, I crash yet again. Locked up with frozen screen and looping sound. I walked off for about five minutes, and it had sorta recovered by then, because I could move again, but sound was busted. At this point I shut down and went to bed. Wife was still playing, because about 30 min later I heard “na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-WHAT THE FUCK?!-na-na-na-na-na-na-BEEP…” reboot.

At this point I knew we’d made a wise decision in purchasing this game. Will susbscribe at any moment.

The game hasn’t crashed on me once. And how do you know how prevalent the problem is. Postings on a forum aren’t the way to tell, because only people with problems post. Have you compared the number of posting vs units sold for this game vs any other? Unless you have, you can’t speak to how bad it is or is not.

I think the game has some “not ready for release” issues, but crashing isn’t necessarily one of them.

You are incorrect. And that’s not just my opinion.

EVERYONE I know who has the game, like eight of us who play EQ together, various other games, EVERY FUCKING ONE OF US has the sort of crashing shenanigans that I posted above. None of them are active members of this forum. They’re not out posting complaints about their crashing on any forums really. But it’s 100% of people that I IRL know, crashing like hell.

Do you require a more scientific survey?

I’d say you’re quite the exception and not the rule.

A sample size of 8 is hardly statistically significant. Saying “All 8 of my friends have problems” is the definition of anecdotal evidence.

I’m not saying HGL has no issues, but the arguements that it has near universal crash issues have been pretty weak in this thread.

D2 never had an inventory sort.

Auto inventory sort is just lazy. Come on, dont you like Tetris? Think of all the lost gameplay if autosort is added.

You’d think we’ve have reached a point by now where inventory tetris wouldn’t still exist in AAA titles.

Don’t worry. They’ll put auto-sort in eventually as part of their roll out of new content for subscribers.