Hidden and Dangerous 2 hates my computer

but I love H&D!

Im trying to figure out a way to make this game playable on my old and creaky machine (P4 1400, 384 MB, Geforce 4 4400). The first couple of missions were OK, but the last Norway mission and the first desert mission are nigh unplayable due to wretched framerates.

Im sort of out of the loop with video cards; is there a card in the $200 range that could help me out? Should I wait for the next wave of cards (around christmas I imagine)? Or do I just need to stop deceiving myself and realize I need a faster processor?

Has anyone had better luck playing on a similar system?

I would guess the CPU is the bottleneck. Going from a GF3 to a GF4 yielded almost no increase with my old Athlon 1.4 and that is a faster processor than the P4 1.4. Your best cheap upgrade would be a Barton 2500 and nforce 2 mb plus ram. You can probably do that for maybe $300 or so. Obviously if you want to spend more there are other options including Athlon 64s or the higher end P4s with hyperthreading.

– Xaroc

hmm thanks for the advice…

I guess Im going to have to think seriously about getting a new CPU. I guess that will give me some time to raise my IQ enough to understand the H&D tactical interface…