Hidden and Dangerous 2?

Saw this game mentioned on the 2-3 LAN thread and I have to ask, just what type of game is this? I checked out the website and it says 1st/3rd person perspective or play it like an RTS. My friends and I like playing co-op Flashpoint, would this work that way?

Also, people seem to be big fans of it here on the boards but reviews I’ve read were a little lackluster. What’s the draw to this game?

It’s badass, except for the lack of co-op. You can DL the first one to get an idea of what hd2 is like, hd2 just has more details, better graphics, less bugs, no co-op, and better squad management.

The only way I can describe it is, Ghost Recon WW2… but better, WAY better and more funner! ARGH!!! People should give this game more respect! ITS MY GOTY 2003!


But no co-op? That sucks, especially since I read the first game only had co-op. I will have to download the first one to give it a try.

Have to admit, I never played Ghost Recon either. I played Rogue Spear, is that comparable at all?

Cliff notes on H&D2

  1. Hard as shit

  2. Buggy, but patches are making it better

  3. On #2, all the patches in the world couldn’t save the lousy AI routines

  4. No co-op until the mission pack

  5. Awesome tactical play

Even though I’ve listed more bad than good, I generally recommend it to fans of OFP since they’re used to dealing with a game that isn’t as refined as others.

I only found the AI to suck when the difficulty was not cranked up.

Ghost Recon? That’s it! Must buy! Now!

H&D2 was my Game of the Year too, despite some technical problems and spotty AI in places… But then I was also a huge fan of OFP and the original H&D, I’m able to see the diamond in the rough.

Also the squad AI will probably be more or less flakey depending on how you play the game… I rarely ever used the order menu (we didnt even have one in the original) and usually control my squad members manually the way I did in H&D1, switching between them and moving them into new tactical positions myself. So I never experienced any problems with AI ignoring orders or any of that crap reported by reviewers who go the follow the leader route.

My crew and I are huge fans of Operation Flashpoint. What kills the co-op play for us is that there are not that many missions designed for small groups that we know of. The AI can be so bad that we hate relying on them to help us do anything. We often have more luck executing the RPG soldier with a quick pop to the head and using the weapons ourself than hoping the AI does its job.

That’s why Hidden and Dangerous seems perfect, same basic idea but with missions designed with our exact group’s number in mind. Is H&D2 and Flashpoint a fair comparison?

So there is talk of co-op for the expansion? If they come through with that, maybe I can get my group to give it a shot.

Thanks again for the info.

Co-op would be dreamy in hd2 for sure. It is a bit like flashpoint, feels less clunky to me after getting used to the controls. I love the stealthy bits too, like how you can steal uniforms and how you need to carry less equipment to be silent (if you are loaded down your ammo and stuff clinks and makes noise) You can actually hear yourself making too much noise too, nicely done.

Excellent game. Co-op is a definite for the expansion, but only on the missions that come with the expansion. Something about coding difficulty or balance or some damn thing.

You can get a taster by downloading for free H&D which does have co-op. Granted its looking a little dated now compared to newer titles, but it is still the best Co-op shooter on a 4 player lan and looking at its strenghts does illustrate pretty much what sort of thing you can expect in H&D2

Downloaded the original and played it co-op over the weekend. A hell of a lot of fun. Took a little getting used to the controls (didn’t know how to zoom a sniper scope until the third mission), but generally it’s a blast to play.

Having said that, I don’t think I would ever want to play it in any other way than in co-op. I just don’t enjoy controlling teams like this, could never get into the Rainbow Six games for that same reason. The only time I ever did that series was Rogue Spear for a few co-op missions.

Here’s hoping that the expansion has plenty of co-op to be had so I can add it to the collection. Rediscovered Starlancer co-op as well this weekend.

Thanks again for the info from everyone.