Hidden gems on the PS3?

What’s the point in owning an HDMI-capable gaming/bluray machine with 4 USB ports, built-in wi-fi, ethernet and a cascade of card readers if the neighbours don’t know about it?

I also like the fact that it uses Real Money and not Crazy Points, but it’s hardly a tipping point when purchasing points on the Wii and 360 is so quick and painless.

Pro Tip: Before you go to bed or leave for work, Queue downloads for every PS3 demo you can get your hands on:

Metal Gear Solid 4
Heavenly Sword
Valkyria Chronicles
Motorstorm 1 & 2

Then on the XMB go to the users column and on the top you will have the opton to turn the system off. Check the Shut Off after downloads option and say yes.

The reason I lean toward xbox is largely because I like the controller better.

I’m also looking forward to Flower, I tend to like things that are relaxing.

All the PS3 games I am interested in seem to be downloadables. It’s almost at critical mass, though.

Erlend: What DID you pay for it, in NOK? My acceptable price would be the same as an Elite is now.

Also, Savage Moon is quite a decent tower defense game on PSN.

EvilIdler: With a current exchange rate of 9.5NOK to a GBP, I ended up paying 2185NOK for a 60gb PS3 with a sixaxis plus Singstar, two microphones and a Casino Royale BD. The console itself was a little scratched, but it works fine.

It’s only marginally cheaper than a brand-new x360 Elite, but considering I already have a x360 Pro, I don’t really care. I’m just happy to have a backwards compatible PS3.

Oh. Anyone want to be my PSN Friend so I can get trounced in Wipout HD? My nick is Slaktus, same as my Live ID.

Ensure it has proper ventilation clearance around it, and it will stay quiet. Otherwise, the fan’s speed will ramp up and you will definitely hear it.

I’m not a huge fan of either, but the XMB is easier to navigate once you get used to its functionality. I would wager the technically minded amoung us prefer the XMB, while the aesthetically minded prefer the NXE.

I prefer the 360’s controller, because I have large hands. Also, the Sixaxis L2 and R2 triggers don’t “grip” the finger as well, if at all.

The PSN Store is much improved over its earlier versions, as is the NXE Marketplace. Today, I’d say I like them equally.

No, the weight is from the power supply transformer. The 360 is lighter, because its power supply is external to the unit.

Even though I don’t own Wipeout HD, feel free to add me (LivinItUpInPhx), as my PS3 friends list is woefully underpopulated. I don’t feel loved…

Damn, even I would buy a PS3 at that price. And I’m not really interested in any of the games.

Don’t forget the online account listing, linked at the bottom of the forum rules sticky!

Erlend: Go to this thread and take that link in the first post, and use that to add friends in PSN. There’s no friends limit in PSN, so go nuts. I’m Rock8man on there.

For some reason Wipeout HD’s online leaderboards don’t work too well. Either that, or no one here besides me has done a lot of the courses, which I find hard to believe. I think there’s definitely something weird going on there.

Yay! Much befriending shall be done.

Ditto, but I was expecting analogue sticks as limp and dead as the ones on the PS2, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while they’re hardly paragons of perky firmness, they don’t have quite as big a dead zone, and their sensitivity seemed to be tweaked. The triggers are just plain shit, but I can see myself coming to terms with them.

Brakara: Jada, det har sine fordeler at pundet nesten kollapser mens myndighetene stadig spar mer penger inn i forbrenningsovnene som tidligere tjente som banker. Jeg gruer meg fryktelig til å finne meg jobb til sommeren.

Just got my PS3 yesterday, so these tips are also useful to me - thanks!

I only have Little Big Planet.

Don’t really like the controllers, as they seem too small, but I’m sure I’ll adapt. One of them seems to have a calibration problem, as if the down button is always on - is there a fix for that, or do I have a broken controller?

Also surprised at how quiet it is. Like Blu-ray, still monkeying with my set up. Disappointed that the HDMI port is too close to the optical digital audio port to fit my Monoprice plugs - had to use a less heavy duty optical cord that could squeeze in there, but sure it won’t affect quality now that it’s set. Like the Blu-ray remote - most impressive thing about blu-ray so far: plays at 1.5x speed without losing the sound, lol.

Signed up for PSN (TheDesslock)- seems pretty similar to xbox live, which I also almost never use. Maybe will use this one, since it’s free, as I could never be bothered paying for xbox live gold. What headset/mic is recommended?

You can use any bluetooth headset/mic. The one that comes with SOCOM is supposed to be decent. I got the one they shipped with Warhawk, but really, if you already own one for a phone or something, just use that.

PS3 is a very nice system. The XMB is far simpler and quicker than either of the Xbox interfaces. Love the PlayStation Store too, and that it uses actual dollars instead of making you buy points.

It seems like people who hate PS3 have never actually used one.

None. Most people playing online don’t seem to have one, since it doesn’t come with the system. I expect if you’re talking during LittleBigPlanet, for example, you won’t find anyone talking back. It is amusing in LBP to try to communicate entirely with emotes of your sack-person.

That’s not true. Have you played SOCOM or Warhawk? Lots of folks have mics in those games.

For things like Burnout Paradise, etc.? Not so much.

I have the Bluetooth headset that came bundled with Warhawk. Even though I’ve never used mine (haven’t even opened Warhawk, yet!), I’ve read that the one that’s bundled with SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals: Confrontation and Tom Clancy’s EndWar is superior. You can purchase it separately, as well.

Well, yes, obviously that’s because those games come with headsets. At least one of their SKUs does anyway, so logically you’ll find more people in those games who have headsets. But no, I don’t own either of those games.

I figure eventually there will come a game that I actually want to play that will come with a headset, so I’ll just wait for that. Or alternatively, one day I’ll buy a phone which has blue tooth support, and might get a headset then.

Just saying… you might want to revise this…

Most people playing online don’t seem to have one

…since it seems like your experience is limited.

Ah, fine. I’ll revise it to: Most people playing online in games that don’t come with headsets don’t seem to have one.