High cost video card question

I’m looking at either the bfg 7800 gt oc card, or the bfg 7800 gtx oc card. There’s a good 150$ difference between the 2, and outside of a little higher performance on the gtx, not much of a difference. Which one do you guys recomend? Already have 600w power supply and asus sli premium card.

FWIW, I’m going for the 7800GT. The small performance increase on the GTX doesn’t justify the additional $150, IMHO. The GT is still plenty for all of the games you’ll see this year, unless you want to run at ludicrous resolutions with AA/AF cranked.

Well, not to derail this thread or anything, but what premium asus card do you currently have? If you’re jumping from an SLI 6800 setup, may I ask… why?

I don’t have an asus mobo in this comp. This comp is at least 4 years old, and I don’t know what the mobo is in this one.

Here’s somethin.

Looks like, at normal AA/AF levels, the performance increase the GTX has on the GT is in the 20-25% range. But the GT is still performing at very high framerates, so I imagine it may be somewhat difficult to tell with the naked or scantily-clad eye (I don’t know, but it seems like the difference between 62 and 76 frames per second wouldn’t be that noticeable to a casual viewer… but I have old eyes).

Even throwing out the speculation above, the performance increase of 25% comes at a cost increase of 50% ($450 vs. $300).

I’m a CPA, and I think in terms of utility and cost - I know I’ll get more satisfaction from getting a great card and saving the extra hundy-and-a-half than I would from getting the ballz card with the extra 12 FPS on what is already the silky-smooth high end anyways.

But that’s just me. I know some folks get a certain amount of utility from just knowing that they’ve got the absolute top-end item, and that alone makes the extra cost justified. You just gotta decide what p’s your freak (so to speak) and purchase accordingly.

How important is the $150 to you? For me, the cost difference wasn’t enough to worry about so it was no contest and I went with the 7800GTX. However, if you only make, say, $450 a month, perhaps $150 is a little too much to be spending on a bit o’ extra power.

I used to try to get a good value/cost ratio, but found I was always more disappointed in the end because something couldn’t do that little thing I wanted it to. Nowadays I just get as good as I can without going too nuts.

well right now the total cost for parts counting the stuff I’m using from this comp (sound card, cd and dvd drive, floppy) is around $1500. Would the 150$ be better spent on getting a higher processor? Right now I picked out the amd 64 x2 3800+ . I pretty much want to get a comp that I can hold on to for as long as possible, hopefully 4 to 6 years.

I got my 7800GTX OC on sale from Dell a few months ago for $150 off regular price. That’s how I justified it.

I went with the x2 4400+ for the extra L2 cache. I’d say it’s worth it to bump that over the vid card, which is easier to upgrade later anyway. Lasting 4-6 years is a little insane to be asking of any system unless you are still thinking about doing incremental upgrades along the way, and if (and only if) you are using your system to its full potential (i.e. gaming).

How often do you plan on upgrading components?

I really only upgrade when my comp can’t run games smoothly , like fear or doom 3.

What’s the price difference for you if you jump from the 3800+ to the 4400+ x2? If it was me, and my option was the vid card or the CPU, I’d go with the CPU; you’ll see more benefits with that CPU upgrade, and in more applications, than you would with the vid card. Just my opinion, though.

on zip zoom, 64 x2 3800+ is $322, 4200+ is $ 400 and 4400+ is 497$
Would the jump from 3800+ to 4200+ be better compared from the jump from 7800 gt, to 7800 gtx?

The 4200+ doesn’t give you the extra cache, so there’s little benefit in that particular jump (the clock speed is higher is the main thing with the 4200+). That’s why I suggested the 4400+ instead. From your prices, the jump from 3800+ to 4400+ is $175, only $25 more than the vid card jump. I’d still lean towards that as being more beneficial, if you had to choose between them, and let me just say that the doubling of the cache can be a boon (when I was seeking information on my own purchase, people usually advised to go with the 4400+ over the others for the same reason).