High Frontier 3rd Edition PBF/Vassal - Remember the Cant!

I suspect you’re not paying attention to where my factory is going… :)

We’ll see!

I didn’t mean you’ll get it this turn, but that you’ll get it just before I could have gone for it.

It’s a moot point now. I’m just going to maximize VPs.


  • Rocket afterburns, lands on Uranus aerostat

  • Prospect for net 0WT
  • Industrializing, claiming the second future star from TW thruster for TNO factory + aerostat factories on Saturn and Uranus.
  • Colonists set up a space colony in the clouds of Uranus
  • Bernal fuels with 8WT and movies to Hygiea via usual Jupiter slingshot
  • Crew debarks and forms another space colony on Hygiea

Think that’s all I can do for this turn. And yeah, Matt’s cube looks out of place for getting to a sunlens next turn, maybe I’m missing something.

Back to @JoshL

I can’t get a future next turn either. It would have taken 3 more turns, I think.

wait, how did you fuel the bernal?

Water from depot, though I just realized I neglected to update my bank.

Ah, I see!. that’s why you wanted the WT

Yup! Let me squeeze another space colony out and a tiny amount of dirtside. I uploaded a corrected file.

Why the dirtside?

Because I had the mistaken belief that total dirtside was worth some VPs.

For what it’s worth, I moved my Bernal (but can’t land on my comet yet, we’re not in red. But I could ET produce and promote my GW thruster… if there were time.), and industrialized Mimas.

@Matt_W up.

No more taxes to the filthy UN!

I didn’t pay them :)


  • Moved my mobile factory further out towards Haumea
  • Landed my freighter on LV-426 2002TX, using factory assist (paid finao) which makes it a TNO factory
  • ET produced my generator to my rocket
  • Paid colonist to factory refuel 8 FFTs
  • Flew the FFTs to LEO
  • Took venture income

I think @Juan_Raigada is nearly unbeatable at this point, but I’m making my best effort.

Yeah, I’m really regretting not paying 7WT to keep that colonist from him. That was probably my only chance.

And we should really have gone in on those early election auctions. C’est la vie. He’s really used NASA’s strengths to the utmost. I also never realized how much of a bastard NASA was until this game–their predominant strengths rely on denying the other players the ability to do things.

Yeah, I tried to get an early(ish) colonist going, because my previous experience was that the extra action was really powerful. But unfortunately the guy I picked was mostly only useful for getting income… and then he couldn’t.

Yeah, I was being a bit mercenary about that since it didn’t really effect me. Though that 5 points sure matters.

Yeah, I feel like you should’ve been able to leverage that early lab, but you couldn’t get any traction there.

Yeah I really needed the D GW thruster to come out a lot earlier, but it was all glitches and pad explosions and solar flares and no inspirations