High Frontier 3rd Edition PBF/Vassal - Remember the Cant!

Apparently letting you have one cheap hoping you’d reciprocate was the wrong move. I’ll match 2.

I can’t bid any higher. That’s all I got.

UN wins auction. Sunspot disk advances across event threshold.

Oh fickle fate, please hear @JoshL’s plea!

Fickle Fate: Screw that! Glitch, ESA loses a radiator from his bernal. I’m sorry, I promise I did channel positive thoughts! In any case, you’re up.

Cards with a Bernal are safe from Glitch, no?

Yep. Any human provides glitch protection

K, I’ll fix it on my turn

Here I go!

Boost everything except crew for 7. I do have to roll for radiation, but I rolled a 1, so no problem.

Colonist takes an income action for net 1WT.

Form a rocket stack with everything (except the Bernal). Give it 2WT.


I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth!

vlog posted, @Matt_W up!

Did you pay NASA? If not, can you do it, @Matt_W?

I did, forgot to mention.

Did he have a human in his bernal? I didn’t see one, but maybe I’m blind. I always read that as crew or human colonist.

2 WT in the tank puts your total mass at 12, not 13. Do you want me to add your last WT for you so you have enough for a burn?

And your thrust was 3,not 4 (though that doesn’t matter).

Bernals are human by themselves. There’s a human symbol on them.

Ah, never noticed that before, cool.

Right, thematically, the Bernals are a large space station staffed with all of the attendant support personnel–technicians and engineers who would be able to respond to and repair a glitch.

Thanks for the catch. I only need 2 WT for a burn, since I have a support to my robonaut/thruster that says “1/2 fuel consumption”. The mass should be 12. It’s early :P

Also I think my thrust is 4? Base thrust 5, minus 2 for my support, +1 for ESA privilege. Not right?

Question. Can a Bernal move with any thruster?

-1 for transport class. You had all the numbers right in the file, but missed one in the addition:) Yeah, I’m having my first coffee too.

Yep. A Bernal is basically just another rocket stack. You can move an unpromoted Bernal with a thruster and can use a separate thruster to move a promoted Bernal.

What does the sentence in rule Q8 under “Thruster Activation” where it says “Note that a Bernal Stack cannot be ‘towed’ by another spacecraft” mean?

That’s why I’m asking.