High Frontier 3rd Edition PBF/Vassal - Remember the Cant!

Also I want to point out that, as with other Eklund games, it is much easier to play once you know the rules than to learn the rules themselves.

Ok, NASA log uploaded with the above moves. Playmat afterwards:

Note you didn’t say to decomission the radiator since you no longer need it. I imagine you’ll be doing that before taking off again.

So UN rocket coasts to next hohhman point:

Beginning a recruit operation on Heavy Water Survivalists

NASA: 5WT (Can’t bid)

Starting bidding at 0. @Matt_W is the only one who can bid.

I’ll bid 1

I’ll match of course.

And I pass:)

Ok, UN wins auction paying 1WT. Sunspot disk advances, no event.

For reference since we’re nearing blue phase:

@JoshL you’re up!

Tempting as it was to industrialize that comet, I just took 2 income ops for 3WT, so I can start using my colonist op again. I can’t come back here for 10 more years anyway :(

@Matt_W up. (vlog posted)

I switched to my crew thruster (for radiation protection) and flew to Lutetia, using Jupiter’s gravity to throw me back down the sun’s gravity well. Crew’s prospect roll 1 was a 5. Prospect roll 2 was… a 3. Whew! Colonist industrialized. (Forgot to move the marker on the tracker for M type factories.)

I’m leaving for Big Bear in about 10 minutes. We’ll see how my ability to play my turns goes. Enjoy your weekends gentlemen.


@Grunden, please, execute my turn:

Flip thruster to black side
Income op for net 1WT

I thought flybys only produced burns not thrust and thus cannot be used for landing.

You can’t enter a lander burn with flybys, but there’s no lander burn there and my crew thruster has plenty of thrust for that landing.

Oh, I missed you switching to your crew thruster, gotcha.

Right. Out there in the Ceres zone, with that heavy rocket, my thrust with the other thruster was 0. I had to afterburn to make though a burn last turn.

Yeah, I was worried you’d snake my prospect earlier, I’d neglected to notice you had your crew available for landings.

Ok, Juan’s turn updated as specified. Also record keeping:

  • 2 WT to me for claim/industrialzation taxes
  • M site tracker update
  • VP tracker update for green & red.

Unsurprisingly my rocket coasts to Hygiea:

Where I prospect with a roll of 3 paying myself 1WT in taxes.

Sunspot disk advances. Event: Inspiration

For reference for our friends on the road:

PRC Playmat

NASA Playmat

Enjoy your time in the moutains Matt. Back to you @JoshL!

I industrialize the comet. UN gets 1 WT in taxes. I do a dry mass adjustment. Colonist takes income (net 1 WT).

Due to Calypso, I now have a lab. Unfortunately we never really figured out if Paleoconservatism means you have to have a lab to do research operations, or you have to do research ops at a lab. It makes a difference to me, since although my colonist is at the lab, they can’t do research ops (wrong icon).

My hand is too full to do one at the moment anyway.

vlog posted, @Matt_W up, although he’s, like, going outdoors and stuff. Weird.

BGG is undecided as well https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1782099/paleoconservatism

Personally I prefer the “have a lab” interpretation. Also M1 states that crew/colonists can perform all ops remotely every for those restoring ISRU on the crew/colonist card. It’s a crushingly powerful policy as it is, especially if it happens early.

I do think the at wording means you have to be there, as it’s consistent with certain futures´ wordings (do an Op at a Lab, meaning clearly the colonist doing the op is at the site).

But I don’t want to be too much of a dick here.