High Frontier 3rd Edition PBF/Vassal - Remember the Cant!

Looks like the most recent Vassal file for Bios: Origins even has the card errata corrected. We’ll have to see if people are interested after we finish up here.

HF4 Vassal module is still rough, mostly because card art and layout still hasn’t been finalized so lots of the cards are still placeholder.

UN turn:

  • Rocket afterburns and heads all the way to Saturn aerostat, rolling the dice on landing and surviving.

  • Prospects, auto success due to refinery making all aerostat locations 2 hydrationn net 0WT with taxes
  • Crew site refuels 2WT of S isotope fuel
  • Dropping off mobile factory industrializing the site

No event this turn. Back to @JoshL

I’ll do things in a different order. Boosting a generator to my Bernal. Taxes to NASA.

@Matt_W up

That’s a very pretty route:)


  • Moved freighter toward the Haumea family
  • Crew boosted my crew to my rocket
  • Afterburned and flew rocket back to my Bernal
  • Paid colonist to ET produce my refinery
  • Recouped colonist pay with venture income


this is a very silly turn, but there’s a good chance both fture stars will be taken in 2-3 turns, so I want to maximize cubes in orbit.

NASA does ana uction for the C freighter

UN can’t bid

NASA bids 2 to speed things up.

Prc passes

ESA passes


  • NASA gets the C freighter
  • Produces it at Bernal
  • Bernal and freighter move to factory location
  • Rocket pays 1Wt to industrialize with colonist. Crew forms a colony.
  • One final income op for 1WT and 1Wt for Space tourism.

Over to @Grunden


  • Rocket afterburns, and spirals around Saturn (passing storm hazard roll) and back again for oberth. Ring hazards are ignored due to colonist power. Now I’ve got a big rocket headed for Uranus (shut up Beavis!).

  • Colonists boost 4WT worth of reactor, crew, and radiator to Bernal paying NASA 1WT.
  • Crew free markets extra reactor for 3WT

Event: Glitch! No effect (I think NASA’s rocket colocated with a Space Colony counts as a human).

On to @JoshL and the final stretch!

Promote Bernal and move it a bit.

@Matt_W up

Also I don’t think NASA paid me for his industrialization. That 1WT is important

You are right, I didn’t. Will give it to you come my turn.

I’ll give it to you. And don’t worry. You’re gonna be flush.

Paid UN for NASA’s industrialization:


  • Flew freighter to orbit near the Haumea group
  • Successfully prospected all 5 sites there (5 more income to UN)
  • Paid colonist to industrialize a mobile factory at my Bernal (1 more income to UN)
  • Flew the mobile factory out toward the Haumea group


Sadly I’m one turn short of being able to get a second future (@Matt_W will get it just before my turn), so I play conservatively.

  • refuel rocket
  • move to bernal
  • pay 1Wt to ET produce refinery
  • income and free market for net 3WT
  • 1WT for space tourism

Over to @Grunden

Yeah, I was worried about that. That’s why I did mobile factory shenanigans to gain a turn.

It’s been an interesting game without an operational GW thruster.

Well having to whole Jupiter system + related glories has kind of obviated your need for it.

I suspect you’re not paying attention to where my factory is going… :)

We’ll see!

I didn’t mean you’ll get it this turn, but that you’ll get it just before I could have gone for it.

It’s a moot point now. I’m just going to maximize VPs.