High Frontier 3rd Edition PBF/Vassal - Remember the Cant!

ESA passes


  • NASA gets the C freighter
  • Produces it at Bernal
  • Bernal and freighter move to factory location
  • Rocket pays 1Wt to industrialize with colonist. Crew forms a colony.
  • One final income op for 1WT and 1Wt for Space tourism.

Over to @Grunden


  • Rocket afterburns, and spirals around Saturn (passing storm hazard roll) and back again for oberth. Ring hazards are ignored due to colonist power. Now I’ve got a big rocket headed for Uranus (shut up Beavis!).

  • Colonists boost 4WT worth of reactor, crew, and radiator to Bernal paying NASA 1WT.
  • Crew free markets extra reactor for 3WT

Event: Glitch! No effect (I think NASA’s rocket colocated with a Space Colony counts as a human).

On to @JoshL and the final stretch!

Promote Bernal and move it a bit.

@Matt_W up

Also I don’t think NASA paid me for his industrialization. That 1WT is important

You are right, I didn’t. Will give it to you come my turn.

I’ll give it to you. And don’t worry. You’re gonna be flush.

Paid UN for NASA’s industrialization:


  • Flew freighter to orbit near the Haumea group
  • Successfully prospected all 5 sites there (5 more income to UN)
  • Paid colonist to industrialize a mobile factory at my Bernal (1 more income to UN)
  • Flew the mobile factory out toward the Haumea group


Sadly I’m one turn short of being able to get a second future (@Matt_W will get it just before my turn), so I play conservatively.

  • refuel rocket
  • move to bernal
  • pay 1Wt to ET produce refinery
  • income and free market for net 3WT
  • 1WT for space tourism

Over to @Grunden

Yeah, I was worried about that. That’s why I did mobile factory shenanigans to gain a turn.

It’s been an interesting game without an operational GW thruster.

Well having to whole Jupiter system + related glories has kind of obviated your need for it.

I suspect you’re not paying attention to where my factory is going… :)

We’ll see!

I didn’t mean you’ll get it this turn, but that you’ll get it just before I could have gone for it.

It’s a moot point now. I’m just going to maximize VPs.


  • Rocket afterburns, lands on Uranus aerostat

  • Prospect for net 0WT
  • Industrializing, claiming the second future star from TW thruster for TNO factory + aerostat factories on Saturn and Uranus.
  • Colonists set up a space colony in the clouds of Uranus
  • Bernal fuels with 8WT and movies to Hygiea via usual Jupiter slingshot
  • Crew debarks and forms another space colony on Hygiea

Think that’s all I can do for this turn. And yeah, Matt’s cube looks out of place for getting to a sunlens next turn, maybe I’m missing something.

Back to @JoshL

I can’t get a future next turn either. It would have taken 3 more turns, I think.

wait, how did you fuel the bernal?

Water from depot, though I just realized I neglected to update my bank.

Ah, I see!. that’s why you wanted the WT

Yup! Let me squeeze another space colony out and a tiny amount of dirtside. I uploaded a corrected file.