High-quality headset suggestions

Without insulting anyone, I’m looking for recommendations for a headset from people who care a lot about sound quality. I’ve tried pretty much every $30-$50 headset I can find in stores and so far none are even close to as good as my Sennheiser HD570 headphones. Of course, they were also around $180 when they were new so it’s of course expected, but the problem is they don’t have a mic. I have frankensteined a mic from one of the aforementioned crappy headsets to the ear piece of the 570’s and, while I can still get the fantastic sound, the mic is…less than optimal.

The best headset Sennheiser seems to make are the PC-160’s, not counting the model above those that have the “built-in audio processor” but are otherwise the same. They’re around $75, which isn’t too bad and they look comfortable, but it’s pretty hard to shop for audio gear without being able to do some listening. I’m sure there are some other, higher-end headsets out there, but I’m looking for something with similar audio quality to my HD570’s that also has a good microphone. $200 is probably the most I’d be willing to spend, but they most definitely don’t have to be that much as long as they’re good.

How about now?

Why? Does any game out there include high enough audio quality in game that you can actually tell the difference? If not, why not just switch out a lesser pair of mic included headsets for gaming, and the ones you already have for audio appreciation.

I can’t answer your question but since apparently no one else can either, I’ll offer the little I know. I have the Sennheiser PC-150, I think they sound very good, but the only other decent headphones I own are Koss Sportapro’s, which, while also very good, go for a little over 20 bucks.

I’d buy the PC-150’s, if I were you. They’re only $37.99 at Amazon, so you can probably find them even cheaper if you look around. You can use them while you look around for a more audiophile solution.

P.S. Although they’re advertised as “noise cancelling”, that only applies to the mike, not the headphones themselves.

P.P.S. What the hell are you doing where you need both a mike and 200 dollar headphones?

I use Sennheiser HD-580s and they are, truly, aural honey.

That said, I played around a bit with a set of Plantronics DSP-500s, and they may be what you’re looking for.

Amazon link

Do a bit of Googling on those, and I think you’ll find that they should fit the bill. Plantronics are, I believe, well regarded for their mic technology, and the sound quality on the cans was pretty good. It’s a comfy set, too, from what I remember.

Yes, pretty much every game I’ve played in the last several years does. Also, a game doesn’t have to have phenomenal sound for me to be able to tell a difference between good headphones and crappy ones. Now, if you were to ask if I could tell the difference in sound from a game using my headphones and ones $500 more expensive, no I probably couldn’t tell a difference. But the difference between the sound quality of my current headphones and that of a $30 pair is huge. I play games to be immersed in the world they create and hearing those worlds through speakers that sound flat and lifeless just isn’t appealing to me. I want to be able to hear closer to what the games’ developers intended. Sound is as big a part of the gaming experience as the visuals. Honestly, I don’t know why you’d question my motives in this issue anyway. I’m looking for a headset for me, not you. :)

Gladguy, I’ve heard good things about even the low model Plantronics, but never thought to look into their better stuff. I’ll check those out. I’ve tried the Audio 90’s and they were the best of the cheap sets I listened to. Thank you, sir.

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