High-watt cordless products

Corded or cordless for a high-wattage product? Let’s use for example an iron, although a small vacuum cleaner would work as well.

I am skeptical about the cordless option mainly due to battery life. I don’t want to be in the middle of ironing my prom dress when the iron turns cool and drips water all over the bodice. The reviews are great, but I’m sure they can’t be trusted as 9 of 10 of them were payed for, or submitted by aliens, or something.

So… what’ll it be? Conventional or cordless? Should I ride the wave of the future?

Edit: Forgot the poll. Assume there is one.

If it works, cordless would be awesome. I always hate getting tangled up in the cord when trying to iron. In fact, I usually just hate ironing and send my stuff out instead.

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Generally, I use corded stuff for anything requiring a decent amount of power unless I really need mobility. In fact, the only relatively high-power cordless tools I use are a couple of cordless drills.

Thanks, Damo.

You didn’t cite any specific example requests, but the free gift (cordless iron) has never failed after about a couple years of use.

And you know what? The upright is fucking wonderful.

The other problem with high powered cordless equipment is that the large amounts of power being charged and discharged regularly seem to wear batteries out. Don’t expect a cordless high voltage appliance to last more then a couple of years without a replacement battery - if replacing it is at all possible.

I don’t know about Household types… But we have been using the cordless 1/2" impact wrenches on the racecar for a couple of years now with no problems.