So I just found this fantasy tbs thing that I guess had been available for Android and is now on Steam, on sale for $7.50. Is it worth it? The description includes words like “witty” and “wacky”, which raises all sorts of red flags.

For $7.50, probably not, unless it’s radically different from the mobile versions. It was fun enough on iOS, but that was when there were relatively few decent turn-based games on the platform. You’re spoiled for choice on PC.

Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be able to pick it up cheaper at some point, and it’s not like I have nothing to play.

To be honest, it’s more a time than a cost thing. It’s a perfectly decent fantasy Advance Wars clone. If you like it enough for the time you’ll spend in it compared to other PC games, $7.50 isn’t all that much. But personally I’d rather play Civ or Fallen Enchantress or King’s Bounty or something like that.

They’re working on bringing the other chapters to the PC, so maybe wait for them to be bundled up together in some sort of deal. I’ve only played the first map, but the humor I saw was certainly nowhere as tedious and intrusive as in the Grotesque Tactics games.

Well, this was $10 I wish I didn’t spend. It isn’t that it is horrible, just too basic. I whipped through the first 3 scenarios and think I’m going to stick it in my backlog. Like Ginger Yellow said, there are simply too many games I’d rather be playing than Highborne. I wish the units had more stats to them and felt different. Maybe more interesting ones would be introduced later?