My attempt to make
A popular thread topic
worked out pretty well!

Current Koontz = 331

Skater Girl Avril:
When can you ride my skateboard?
Anytime, baby.

What the hell is this? Are these some kind of poems? Nothing about Koontz…

Rywill falls off Hog,
Trauma to the brain, cement
Really fucking hard

Rywill screams, ‘No Koontz!’
Buddha says, ‘Fuck joo, my friend!’
He reads bad haikus.

Fuck, I used to be really good at this, too.

Brian did research
on popular threads. Result?
Lame poems and pun.

Here we go again; yet another haiku thread…
What’s with the ‘Koontz’ thing?

  • Alan

When I was doing automated newsgroup statistics, at least they were automated.

Yeah, that’s real funny. You guys didn’t get my joke. Give it a second.

Koontz calculates stats,
Sits for big long periods,
Assbuns made of steel.

Oh, I fucking hate you now. :(

You’ll have your revenge. Pick Vietnam tomorrow! I suck at that game.


Heaven is a place
where I can go fishing in
online RPG

Your “joke” was so lame. You weren’t kidding, either. You just made that up.

I, Brian Koontz, am
the most respected thinker
on this board by far.


Is Koontz a Derek?
BattleCruising through the threads?
Watch out, Coke Machines!

Your “joke” was so lame. You weren’t kidding, either. You just made that up.[/quote]
It was a good joke! You’re just mad 'cause I got you. I laughed, anyway.

We all know this sucks, so why keep posting haiku? Damn you, SpoofyChop.

I just called Japan, and they said that to have a real Haiku, the verses HAVE to be on separate lines.

So you are demoted Rywill.

Actually, sorry to spoil your fun, SpoofyChop, but Rywill should be promoted: its common not to separate them into three lines and keep them into one long line, and indeed, the more correct form of haiku according to Japanese tradition.


Aw snap, SpoofyChop! p0wn3d by Kitsune, ha ha! Now you’re Rywill’s bitch.