Highlander: The Search for Vengeance

Got to watch this at a friend’s place today, it’s an animated Highlander flick done by Kawajiri (Vampire Hunder D/Bloodlust) and it’s the best damn Highlander movie since, well, Highlander. Although I think he had a DVD rip, my guess is you can probably buy it in stores. It was in English, with good VA I might add. Just thought I’d toss out a recommendation, it’s a really solid and fun action flick with plenty of Kawajiri-style violence.

edit: Ah crap, this should be in the Movies forum.

Ehh, close enough. It’s related to the TV Series. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look for it.

I’d still love to play a proper Highlander game. I definitely could see it implemented ala Mortal Kombat, whittle down the opponents health until you can pull off a decapitating fatality. :) It could even have a pseudo leveling system where you add opponents moves/abilities as you defeat them. I also think a perma-death PVP-only Highlander MMO could be pretty badass.

I love the subtitle of this…movie…TV show…cartoon…whatever it is.

“Did you check under the couch cushions? What about in the last pair of pants you wore? Well, where did you last see vengeance?”


The Lord has it.

A Highlander MMO where everyone is immortal? That could be pretty cool. Make it PVP-based, and you’ve got something special there. There can be only one, after all. But it would be a really tough game to design.

You’d have like 5 people with thousands of heads, and everyone else camping the holy ground FTL. :(

Nice! =) I wonder if he (or she) lets people borrow the keys every now and again.

Yeah. : / Neat in theory though.

Yeah, that’s definitely the worst case scenario, but I think there are ways to mitigate that. Mostly through a leveling system that doesn’t stratify players as much and allowing groups to take out individuals for partial experience (or essences). Cap that with a notoriety/pact system and a larger threat (though I did say PVP-only) of organizations out to kill immortals and I think you’d have a workable system.

However, it’d still be a really tough design. There was a fan made Highlander PnP system (based of the Storyteller rules) floating around the net years ago. I remember that being pretty neat.

I’ve been waiting for this. Hopefully it will be as good as Afro Samurai, which had just enough awesome to round out its core silliness.

It is. It starts corny, but redeems itself pretty fast. The voice over is alright, but there are some weak links like usual. Overall, though the voices are decent, the story is pretty cool, and the action is good.


[/B]The guy that played Joe Dawson from the TV series (became a regular for the last 2 or 3 seasons I think) is a supporting character in the show. They even gave the character missing foot and a limp, which I thought was nice. There are probably others but didn’t recognize any off hand.

Also, there are some pretty good one liners strewn about. My favorite: “This isn’t fucking Rome, it’s fucking New York.”

Most of the transitions between the then future and now past are nice. I was hoping they’d get that right because that was one of the cool parts of the first film. There’s some 80’s esque rock (with even a crazy shot of the villian with a guitar) that I think is just an homage to the era of the first film.

There are also some nice allusions and visual quotations to Kawajiri’s previous works.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can see part of a statue of the hell chariot from VHD amongst Marcus’ sculptures.

And a reference to the fight on the burning boat of Ninja Scroll too. I didn’t catch the VHD reference, but will look again. :)

On order now. Thanks for the reminder.