Hillary Clinton


rustle rustle



I’m sorry…

rustle rustle rustle



Does anyone have post 10?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

And thus ends my dramatic reinactment. Thank you, you’ve been a great crowd!

[size=1]This was on the Daily Show tonight, I couldn’t resist.[/size]

the sad part is i sorta had a positive image of pirro and thought she might be a tough opponent for clinton. there was a nyt mag article a few years back where it said there was some recording of some mobsters talking about her and looking at her photo, and one said, “she’s pretty,” and the other responds, “pretty? she’ll rip your (expletive) off and make you eat it.”

fap fap fap fap


It’s amazing it took so long.


Paging Alan Keyes to New York…Alan Keyes to New York… :lol: