Hillary killed Spider-Man

Nothing we didn’t already know about her, but this time, with video evidence.

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All I see is a hit job from the right-wing noise machine… complete with a cavalcade of clips from Fox News. You can get a nice summary about Peter Paul from Wikipedia, without wasting time watching that entire video.

I sincerely hope Obama gets the nomination. In fact, I think the only way the Democrats can lose in 08 is to nominate Clinton. But that doesn’t mean I buy the right-wing hype about her.

Man that is some fucked up shit right there.

WaPo article. The allegation against Hillary is that she knew the fundraiser actually cost around $1.2 million, over the legally allowable limit, although it’s hard to find any evidence to back that up. That one claim, by the way, is sprinkled in the middle of a massive pile of exactly the kind of crazy shit you’d expect from a fallen conman, for example, that he had a verbal agreement with Bill Clinton to act as a spokesman for Stan Lee Media for $16.5 million ("“Hello, I’m former President Bill Clinton. I’m here to talk to you today about the role of NGO’s in fighting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa - and also Conan Three, coming to theaters this May.”)

The most damning thing to come out of this regarding Hillary is confirmation that the stringent vetting process for donors was paying a law firm to run their names through Lexis Nexis.


It’s also alleged that the whitewater documents were present in the Murrah building during the OK city bombing. Supposedly moved there from Little Rock to be “copied”.

I haven’t clicked that yet, but I’m assuming it’s about a guy who keeps robbing himself.

But who killed Captain America? Was it Guliani?