Hip Hop MMO?

Hip Hop MMO

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Atlanta, Georgia. - January 10 th, 2005 – DJ Pooh “a.k.a Mark Jordan” the writer of the critically acclaimed movie Friday ™ and the mega-successful video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas™ has joined the 404 Gaming team as Senior Executive Writer. DJ Pooh will be creating the many stories that will define the Hip-Hop Urban based MMO 404 Gaming is currently developing. Pooh brings his many years of Urban story telling talents to the cutting edge team and technology that is 404 Gaming. For more information visit http://www.404Gaming.com.

I’m totally gonna play that.

Camping for more BLING, YO!
End to profanity filters!
Explicit lyric’s in da houze!

Pet Pit Bulls!
NPC’s with back!

Not guilds, but posse’s and instead of grouping it’s Homeboyz.

I am so there.

It would be awesome if it was like that South Park episode. You’re walking around and a party comes up to you, puts down a boom box and shows off their moves. The text appears on the screen ‘You got served!’.

I love their tagline - “Blending Entertainment And Gaming.” HOLY CRAP HOW COME WE DIDN’T THINK OF THAT?

Yeah seriously. Man I hate games, but who else is gonna play them? THANK GOD FOR THESE GUYS

How soon until gang activity in the game leads to real-life retaliation?

Considering that the likely audience is suburban posers? Never.

How soon until complaints about gang activity in the game making real-life retaliation more likely?


This will draw precisely the crowd I’ve been looking for!

I can’t wait to serve someone back, or f them in the a. Then it’ll be on.

Transcript from ‘Local’ channel, November 14th, 2005:

Hom3Boy TH3FT: i cnt w4it til lvl 14 lol cuz th3n ill get m4h ph47 p1mp 0n with H00p7y ryd3 and wont hv to walk evrywere lol lol

No1 Bettah: fatt huptie sux, yo lol u shuld get Blunt and Bling crafting instead cuz u make M4D lewt lol lol

Hom3Boy TH3FT: WTF do you know n00btard Hoopty make you ub3r go back to EQ2 kid

No1 Bettah: EQ2 sux lol and WoW too u had 2 walk evrywhere in tose lol lol u probly still play both lol lol

Hom3Boy TH3FT: u sux no1, met me at tha Vib3 4w4rds 4r3na and we’ll settel this PVP i got Gat at lst lvl and am ub3r lol

Lord Paladin, with his sword and mail gleaming in the bright sun, muscles glistening with a light sheen of sweat saunters up.
Lord Paladin: I beg pardon, good sirs, but would someone be kind enough to direct me to the local tavern? I have spent hours slaying wrongdoers and must needs slake my thirst with a flagon of mead. I’m not certain how I came to be in this world! Woe! My family was slain by Orcs in Midworld and somehow I entered this strange land whilst chasing them through their portal!

Hiphopbot 1400: Initiating throwdown beatbox mode. I don’t understand the fickle ways of humans.

Hom3Boy TH3FT: WFT are u idoots saying?

No1 Bettah: Rprs sux lol lol

No you don’t, sister.

Talk to the hand.

I’m gonna punk your ass, nigga. [wait, did a whiteboy just say the n word? oh snap!]

West Siiiiiide!!!
Now to make a character name, Wayne Brady in the hizzay?

Seriously though, I would have a really hard time NOT picking this up. I also have a really hard time looking away from train wrecks, 4 car pileups, and bad porno.

While I’m all for mocking rap culture, and am usually first in line to be culturally insensitive, I’m starting to get that bad feeling in my stomach I get when somebody tells a racist joke and it kind of seems like maybe they told the joke because they actually are racist.

This will never work. Everyone will want to play as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and obviously you can’t have a server filled with a thousand of those.

With the announcement of this game, the whole urban hip-hop trend thing being marketed to and consumed by American suburban adolsecents has officially become old.

White man’s gotta get paid.

Actually, if you define “black” and “ghetto culture” as one in the same then perhaps it is you who should be looking in the mirror. I’m not calling you out, merely making an observation that there are still many black people, some of whom I know personally, that find the idea of glorifying ignorance/violence to be somewhat abhorrent.

Suburbia teenage white boys who jock the culture with none of the experience should definitely be made fun of, and this thread to my eye appears to be firing at that demographic more than anything else.

On a side note, this game will allow me to fully realize my Ali-G hip hop character, I hope the yellow track suit is an obtainable item in game!

“Big ups yourself. Keep it real. Respekt. Safe.”

Hint: If the most significant thing that can be said about a startup project is that they’ve got a one-trick writer involved, it doesn’t have much worth bragging about and should remain silent until they have something to show a discerning public.

OH DAMN, you just called DJ Pooh a trick!