Hip Hop MMO?

San Andreas had a writer?

I dunno, the script was pretty cool I thought.

Talk like that could get a cap popped in yo’ ass.

Damn right, and he ain’t got nuttin t’say about dat shit, neither. Punkass mufukka.

resurecting this thread, some new info came out on this game in this q&a. I love this part.

As far as professions go, there is a long list of unique paths a player may follow, but they are not limited to just one; players will be able to advance within the game in enough ways as to avoid monotony. We will be focusing on the exciting, dangerous, and entertaining aspects of the following professions: DJ; Rapper; B-Boy; Car Customizer; Clothing Designer; Basketball Player; Hustler; Gambler; Interior Designer; Cop; Doctor; Lawyer; Bail Bondsman; Street Racer; Pilot; Hobo …and many more

I want to make a character thats a Bail Bondsman with maybe a little skill towards Interior Designer and Hobo.


If i made a KRS One character will the blast master sue me?

No, but Mele-Mel might PK you.

Maybe some rap uber lable like Def Jam will sue 404 Gaming for making an MMO where it’s possible to recreate Def Jam personalities… :roll: