Hip Hop on VH1

I’m watching right now. It’s a pretty nicely produced program. More importantly, it’s got Anthrax! They’re performing Bring the Noise with Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys. (It’s just Charlie and Scott…not the entire band.) Definitely worth a look…



Yeah, they did it live last weekend. The program wasn’t shown live, but the performance definitely was. Oct. 3rd was when they recorded it I think. The sound wasn’t so good and clearly PE with Anthrax scared people. :)

Awesome stuff though. That was a nice way to cap off an awesome week of Anthrax for me. Saw them last Monday at The Trocadero in Philly. They ruled the stage. The current tour is “The Greater of Two Evils” because they’re supporting an upcoming release that features John Bush singing about fifteen of the early songs rerecorded earlier this year. They did Deathrider, N.F.L., Keep It In The Family… superb show. I’m partial to the John Bush-era stuff but the old songs sound better with him so it’s all good. They were pointing my way from onstage because I was a headbanging maniac right up front. It was awesome. Can’t wait to see them again.

Greater of Two Evils comes out Nov. 23rd. The VH1 thing will probably be on again. It’s right at the top of the Anthrax website…


Make sure you check out Charlie’s Blast Beat there too… he has some words about the perforrmance and some cool pix of him and the Beasties, DMC, Chuck D, Flavor Flav, etc.