Hire the best forum posters today!

Something to consider eh? Perhaps to raise the level of discussion here on Qt3?

I love google ads…

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I would just like to point out that my posting fees are available on my website, post4filthylucre.com.

Posting for free since 1999.

I see you best post I am.

WoWgold cheap4U!

SD cards. lOw prices.


Ban nhac hay nhat the ghoi?

What does “Beskyttet tilstand:fra” mean?

Also: you failed at boasting…you need to open all your office applications, general applications, outlook, some java console, at least three browsers (with at least 7 open tabs each) and a couple of general applications and THEN hit print screen.

If it doesn’t work, upgrade your RAM.

I will be paid $0.02 for this post ($0.005 for the intelligent opening and $0.015 for the rest).

I am the best forum poster to post in these forums BY FAR.

Will post for food!

Crap, I didn’t get paid for that. Anyone got a bag of chips I can have for that?

You should actually get that domain. Heck its only $5 a year and you can host it for free someplace.

I actually did a blog-post about “Hire a Troll”. Its aimed at online shops. Often its recommended that to get more search engine traffic they should add a blog or forum or guestbook to their site but so many do it and then have no idea what to do WITH it to get traffic.

Check out “Hire a Professional TROLL”

“Protected mode: from”.

or rather, protected mode: off

Or rather, Hungarian donkey porn FTW.

Provide your service for free until you get a nice base going. Then when your name is circulated about and people are dependant on your posts, BAM slam down a price!


Sure, in your crazy moon language, maybe.

Internet Explorer, eh? Guess you like viruses.

We all ready have the best posters. Unless these guys hired Bill Dungsroman and Flowers, what’s the point?

Ok THujone at ShaggyBevo is pretty good, too.



You see me very interested, care to elaborate?