Historical Revisionism Run Rampant!

Well, maybe not rampant… From the Call of Duty 3 picture packs just released (and I think it shows up in the achievements as well):

That version of the flag didn’t even exist until well after WWII was over. Sloppy research, guys. Or worse yet, perhaps they knew but went with the anachronism to “prevent confusion.”

Okay, it’s an admittedly minor thing, but it still irks me.

Every WWII video game I’ve ever played that even mentions that Canada exists (so far, Medal of Honor and Company of Heroes, I don’t play many WWII games) has used that flag. Annoying, yes. But nothing more than a minor pet peeve for me.

The BF1942 expansion that had canadians didn’t use the new flag. I was saddened about the amount of retards pointing out the “wrong” flag.

Canada has a history? I thought Dan Aykroyd founded it. Or it sprang from his loins, or something.

God, sometimes it’s awesome to be a USA-centric asshole. I would have said Ameri-centric but that’s USA-centric.

Canada fought in WWII?

The things you learn on the internet…

Reminds me of that video of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan after a firefight…“Betcha they know who the fuck Canadians are now.” I, of course, silently added the “Eh?” in my head.

I think, of all people, Scotty fought on behalf of Canada in WWII. He landed on either Juno or Sword.

Nooooooooooo! Welshy!

How many stars are on the US flag in these games?

Huh, it looks like they got it right in the Nations theme. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what’s actually in the game.

Hearts of Iron 2 uses the correct flag.

We need more Canada jokes. Someone call Jeff Green and the CGW staff!


Canada has a military?

Who knew they were good for something besides delicious maple syrup?

A navy, too. Pride of the fleet’s a twenty foot canoe.

Yeesh, such ignorance.

At the end of WWII, Canada had the third-largest navy in the world.

I remember once when a guy I knew testing a WW2 game counted the number of stars on an American flag on some screen and submitted a bug that it had 50, not 48.

They didn’t fix it, amazingly.

This thread made me run to Wikipedia to read the history on Canadas flag. Very interesting. I guess the possibility of ‘reducing confusion’ is there, because none of the other flags would scream to me (a non-canadian historian) that this was a Canadian unit/ship/whatever.

It also seems that in the WWII era, there wasn’t yet a standardized Canadian flag. Most government buildings still flew the Union Jack and there was a ‘not officially adopted’ one that had elements of the British Union Jack, and a crest and this flag was carried into battle during WWII. Is this correct?

Personally, I think the older flag would be more interesting, as it would give me a chance to go read up on the history of the Canadian flag (like I just did). But, I do have to think that most people these days wouldn’t take the time and thus a Maple Leaf flag was used to ‘reduce confusion.’

Because everyone else who could compete with the 1st and 2nd largest navy in the world had their ships sunk?

What, no old man jokes?

It’s just one of those stupid things. All you need to do is have someone call out to a canadian soldier and make his flag visible, and you’ll either accept it or ignore it. It should be evident the second he opens his mouth he isn’t British, so if someone is confused at this point, they’ll either look it up or they’re idiots, but they’re idiots who won’t care one way or another.
But no, instead let’s mangle history and continue to perpetuate “Hollywood history” in the name of catering to the lowest common deniminator. Anyways, we’ve aleady had this similar discussion in the FlyBoys thread…