History Channel's Top Shot

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Watching shooting is pretty fun, watching shooter drama is cringe-worthy. Drama highlights include “taking personal offense” to someone shooting a smiley face in a target (during practice) and shooters offering themselves up to elimination rather than their captain, who couldn’t hit a 100 yard target with a 1903 Springfield.

I’m not commenting until they have a handgun episode, though why Seeklander would go against a member of the US rifle team in a sniper duel is beyond me.

“The elimination challenge will be . . . rebounding! Do you want to go against Danica Patrick, Tiger Woods, or Shaquille O’Neil?”

“Uh . . . gimme Shaq!”



Because he wants to compete against the best, duh. What’s the point of being on TV if you can’t engage in some utter bullshit posturing?

Also, why the hell aren’t you on this show?

Honestly? They didn’t call back. The casting wanted a simple paragraph and photo, but I’m guessing most of these guys had more media exposure on the internet than I did. I’m good but relatively unknown. Whether I’m better than them will have to wait for some handgun episodes, I’m only fair with a rifle. (And Seeklander says that the sights were loose on the Springfield, which I believe, because he’s just not going to miss that many times at 100 yards with a rifle on what looks like an 8-inch target. He could get it with a pistol in two or three, I would wager.)


Houngan, are you some crazy prodigy shooter man? That’s so awesome! I saw your photo with the handgun somewhere, but I thought you were just trying to intimidate the rest of us who only have our wits (or halfwits, as the case may be) to defend ourselves.

Do you excel at FPS games? Is there any correlation between being a good shot in a game and being a good shot in real life?

Nope, the opposite I would say. Shooting is about thinking slowly and moving slowly, gaming is the opposite, because all of the fine work like trigger control is handled by the game. Practical shooting is still about shooting slowly, albeit in the middle of running fast, drawing fast, reloading fast, etc. etc. It’s a ton of fun and a great adrenaline rush.


Those dicks.

I wouldn’t be surprised about the sights, as my main concern when they were setting up the challenges was the condition of the various weapons. You pick out two old Springfields for a shooting challenge, you could get widely differing results.

And I’m certainly NOT better than Seeklander or JJ Racaza, Seek is always in contention for the title and JJ is one of the best steel shooters ever. I could take either with a revolver, but not much else.

However I thought I had a chance because I also shoot bullseye, olympic air pistol, olympic archery, and have a wasted childhood on a farm fashioning every weapon known to man and terrorizing trees with them. (insert Corsican Brothers reference here)


Wait, are those two really on this show? My interest has shot up. I thought it would be some random reality show slobs based on comments from another forum. (I haven’t watched the episode, but also heard how dumb it was that they couldn’t zero the rifles.)

Is it a hot topic at the Enos forum or elsewhere?

. . . and Blake Miguez, the human machine gun. If he gets a chance to turn on the burner on some close targets, the world is going to see something they’ve never seen before.

Video to try and interest folks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msl2KF_jN9o


Blake Miguez is amazing!

I thought this was a pretty watchable show, all things considered. I like the way that they work multiple shooting challenges into one episode. It might get pretty boring otherwise.

I made it through the episode only taking one break. I don’t have a lot of built-up endurance for reality shows since I never watch them, so I was squirming in my seat pretty badly at times.

I also have zero interest in the guys that aren’t action shooters (or Kelly on the AMU team), so I hope they last.

The gun content was watchable, although questions about the rifle sighting have me a little concerned about technical accuracy.

I forgot to mention that JJ’s comment about the smiley face wasn’t as bad as you made it seem, frank. I don’t think he liked Kelly hot dogging and bragging about it in front of Seeklander. That’s fair enough, and you have to get them to say something about the other shooters I guess!

I’m just fast-forwarding through the non-shooting bits now, and frankly there’s very little content in this show. The basic reality format needs to die.


Just finished skimming the BE thread. It’s too bad we couldn’t get some female action shooters. Some of the posters pointed out the big names were all married, so maybe they weren’t interested or the producers weren’t.

Jesse Abbate is about as dedicated as anyone, I don’t know why she wouldn’t do it, other than the time committment. But then none of the real pinnacle shooters are on the show except arguably JJ, and he’s always been more of a steel shooter than a broad USPSA circuit shooter.

The poor Brad kid is getting mauled, perhaps deservedly, but reality editing can be brutal. He’s pretty obviously at the mechanical phase of shooting and hasn’t worked on the “pure” phase where you learn general perfect trigger control regardless of what you’re shooting. That Kelly kid has it (as I would expect for a US Rifle Team member) and just might take the whole thing, if shooting is what matters. It translates to a lot of different things, and he’s got young eyes and muscles.


Okay fuck this, they’re editing all my favorite shooters to make them look like punks.

Loved the special guest for the elimination challenge, although jeez he looks aged from his DVDs.

The Brian Enos threads are more entertaining than the show.

When did Caleb shoot in the team challenge? He’s on the blue team, right? Why was JJ shooting the 4th target?

And of course I love hearing the follow-ups straight from the mouth of the shooters.

I hung out with Burkett at shot show a bit, he’s a good guy with a bad haircut but so I am I.

So, Red team has pretty much imploded. I hope they mix and match the teams next week, or turn it into an all individual challenge soon.

Yay JJ!

The editors strike again. They really made the Red Team out to be the fat old middle aged guys and the punk kids (with poor Denny looking like he’d rather be on a horse) but Bill was at least amicable at the end.

Don’t know if everyone watches the preview for next week, but you’d think Blue Team will be killing them again. If Red Team forces out the right shooters maybe they have a chance, but they didn’t get JJ this time so maybe Blue is keeping quiet about it. Although they’d have to know Blake and JJ are going to be the best at the firearm stuff almost every time, even if it’s rifles.

[EDIT] Speaking of Denny, I just had a thought that they’ll eventually have to bring single action revolvers and lever guns into this since they are taking the historical approach. That should be a lot of fun to watch. Hope Denny is still around.