History Channel's Top Shot

Well, Red threw out one of their best shooters, if not THE best with Seeklander. Now they’re banging their heads against trying to get rid of Brian, and it’s not going to work with any conventional weapon, including a crossbow.

As long as it has a trigger and speed is an issue, they’re pissing in the wind going against IPSC grandmasters (or SASS shooters.) Long range and archaic weapons are what you need to level the field.


It doesn’t appear anyone’s asked this question yet, but, erm… Why is this show on the History Channel? Wouldn’t it fit better on SyFy, or TLC, or A&E, or any of those other hodgepodge cable networks whose names used to actually mean something?

Or has the History Channel simply run out of World War II programming to air?

There’s a show about driving trucks on ice on the History Channel and cooking shows on Bravo and WWE on Syfy. Network execs suck.

It’s called network decay.

I think, barring memory games like last night or seriously odd weapons, that it’s going to be JJ and Blake at the end. Fun to see them both just blaze through with little or no experience on the AR platform (although JJ was army, so he has some familiarity.) Brad was noticeably slower, but still was cooking pretty well.

For my money they need more head-to-head challenges where the shooters can compete directly; that’s good TV.


I don’t know, I was impressed with Iain’s ruthless plan to cull Jim and preserve the integrity of the team by telling everyone to vote for him into the elimination challenge. He got his practice and experience or whatever, but I think it was the army captain in him wanting to kick out the dead weight with a minimum of drama and indecision.

Of course it almost went up in smoke. That actually seemed like a really hard challenge. I saw mentioned that Jim got screwed by a blue plate swingly perfectly in sync with the red one, but maybe it wasn’t quite lined up and he could hit it elsewhere in the swing. [EDIT] Yeah the Enos forum is all over it. I saw the steel backer on each plate but in the slow-mo parts it looked like the round went right through it.

I need to head over to the Enos forum, maybe after the next show, to see what’s up with Adam and Blake from those previews. I liked Adam trying to goof off and messing up; that’s something I would do. :)

It depends on the distance, which was hard to determine with all the swooping shots and weird angles. At fifteen feet it’s trivial, at fifteen yards it starts to get interesting. I was impressed with Jim doing as well as he did, considering his problems with speed earlier. Swingers are one of the hardest things to shoot even without distraction.


Great episode. We finally got to hear from the 4 practical shooting guys on Blue Team. I like how they openly acknowledged how good JJ and Blake are, haha.

The “you wouldn’t make it in the military” stuff is pretty tiresome though. Maybe the editors are trying to rile up the television audience.

This is me shooting my cousin’s DPMS P4, which is like the M4 in Modern Warfare 2. This is the first time I shot such a weapon. We also got to try a .22 pistol, a .40 cal pistol, and 9 mm. What fun. Shooting is a gas.

Adam needs a punch in the nuts something fierce.

Yes he does. The kid was stupid, though, to let him rag on him that much. The easy response would be to point out Adam was a traitor to the whole team, and he just exposed him. Then make a false equivalence to Al Queda, a quick Godwin, and you have the moral upper hand again.



Jesus F Christ. I think my wife wanted to punch me in the nuts for leaving this show on while Adam was talking.

Woof, he’s getting SAVAGED on the Enos forums. I’m staying out of it because these are people I talk to and might have to spend a weekend with in the future, folks are taking it way too seriously.


It was indeed weird to see Adam’s first post in the thread. He could have said “yeah I got a little exciteable for the cameras, I hope we can all shake hands at the next match.” But he really seems to care a lot about rats in the group.

I wonder if it’s an obsession the producers find out during an interview and then they try to run with it.

No one picked up on my Red Team joke. With the editing, it was like they weren’t even there that week. Haha.

He seems to be a bit of a media hound, he’s been the most active poster-participant. (by far.) I believe he’ll regret that choice very soon, unless he managed to win the whole thing.


Wow, it must have been a savage thread, the admin there or board mod deleted every post and locked the thread talking about the episode.

Whoever edited that episode deserves a certificate in audience manipulation. My wife doesn’t even watch the show, but came out from the other room and said:

“If I hear someone say Rat Fink one more time I’m going to slap you. What the hell is that?”

That said, she sat down and watched the rope shooting challenge and was sorta interested in the show, but now HATES Adam.

Que Budweiser Music


Based on Adam’s post on the Enos forum (now deleted unfortunately), I’d say there was no audience manipulation going on. The guy is a dick plain and simple. He got caught doing something shady and instead of owning up to it, he tried to put the blame on Caleb.

It was, although that forum forbids pretty much any acrimony. It’s purely about the sport and puppies. For angry crazy gun people head to glocktalk.com.

My sister was up in arms about how the guy was a disaster and a bad example for the Marines. Planning to backstab his teammates and then goes off on the guy who had enough integrity to say what’s up was a big mistake. I only wish Caleb hadn’t backed down and gone kinda passive on it.

I agree that he should have just said that he wasn’t the one planning on sabotaging the team.