History of Videogames on Discovery channel

“the history of videogames” is on discovery tonight (Northern Europe 21.00).
Any one seen it? Worth taping for later viewing?

Heh, seems no one saw this…

I taped it and watched it later. Main fault being it wasn’t long enough, approx. 45 mins doesn’t cover much of videogame history.

The focus was mainly on three things:
-the early years, the rise of ATARI (Pong), lots of Nolan Bushnell, a little bit about the lawsuit from Baer, who had patented videogame ip in '68.

-the japanese angle, interview with Miyamoto

-the Teris deal. Nintendo and Spectrum Holobyte doing business in cold-war Moscow

Then it ended leaving me quite unsatisfied.
I mean you wouldn’t name a show “the history of the 20th century” and stop in the late 60s, would ya?

Heh, I watched it, enjoyed it too.

I was under the impression that this was part 1 of an entire series, though.
It certainly seemed like it was. Ah well.