Hit and Myth

So, at the Gizmondo event some weeks back I ran into a fellow named Wynne who worked at Gismondo Studios in Austin. You may recognize the folks there from their last game, Frontier Wars, the 2D space RTS that was remarkably good for it’s $3 price tag…

Anyway, Wynne hooked me up with a copy of the studio’s latest creation, Hit and Myth, which is sadly only for Gizmondo.

I’ve tried to look on the bright side of this handheld as best I could, but in the end, the Gizmondo is assuredly doomed to death and obscurity.

Until now, I’d thought “meh, so what? Gizmondo’s doomed, who cares?” But now that’s I’ve played Hit and Myth, I have a reason to truly feel sorry for the Gizmondo.

Hit and Myth is excellent! It’s like Total Carnage, though significantly more polished. Same control scheme as TC or Smash TV, but the theme here is a knight with a ray gun cleaning up mythical worlds, like Santa’s north pole, or Alice in Wonderland. The gameplay is fast and frantic, but the real gem here is the writing. The text and voice acting is terrific, and it’s typically heavy on the nerdy references and awful puns. Usually this sort of pulp dialog makes me cringe, but here it’s executed flawlessly.

The real shame is that, aside from a few Gizmondo people, I doubt anyone will ever see this game. It’s such a shame. I hope the folks down there at Austin get a chance to port this to a platform that doesn’t take 2 minutes to boot and doesn’t give your hands cramps.

Anyway, if you do happen to have a Gizmondo, Hit and Myth is probably the best thing they’ll put out for it. Snap it up!

What’s a gizmondo?

Okay I do know what it is basically, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it or heard much about it.

So yeah, death and obscurity: check.

I remember reading about this a while back…apparently the company selling Gizmondo (whatever it is) decided to forego the usual distro channels due to its costs and will instead base its entire US sales by setting up kiosks in malls instead.

I guess they see Gizmondo to have the same appeal as those cheap MAME+controller emulators that you see dotted in malls everywhere :)