Hitler: Did He Have His Good Points?

He was on a roll there for awhile, and did design the Volkswagen Beetle. Are we being too harsh on the guy?

Porsche designed the first Volkswagon, not Hitler.

If only he had saved his son from the Emporer, then he would have had a movie series based on him.

I think Pete’s referring to Fresh Air the other night; Terry Gross interviews Phil Patton, author of Bug: The Strange Mutations of the World’s Most Famous Automobile. He was saying Hitler hired Porsche to do the design, and made lots of suggestions, including “look to the beetle” (for it’s aerodynamic shape).

Hitler made it fashionable to have one testicle – and he gave rise to the fine Castle Wolfenstein games.

And comedian Tom Green.

I believe either CBS or NBC is doing a miniseries on his early life as we type.

— Alan

Superman vs. Batman might be cool, but “Jesus vs. Hitler” starring Willem Dafoe in a dual starring role would kick ten kinds of ass.

The amusing thing was that Hitler at least professed to be Christian. The Catholic Church in Germany didn’t have much of a problem with the mass executions of Jews, either.

Comics writer Grant Morrison once did a series that was serialized in a British comics magazine. The story was, I believe, called “True Adventures of Hitler.” and was about his student visit to England as a youth. The satirical point of the storyline was that Hitler learned everything he needed to know about fascism from British culture.

It’s never been serialized, so I’ve never had a chance to read the thing to see if it was any good.

I would like to point out this is the first thread ever discussing a person or product where Murph has not come in and said - “he isn’t so bad, I kinda like him”. Where is the love Murph?

How evil is Hitler? Not even Murph likes him.


I just want to be here and bask in the glow of Murph bashing while it lasts.

When exactly was it that Hitler professed himself to be Christian? He never tied himself to any faith but Germany and himself, which was patterned after the imperial cult in ancient Rome. Also, he made it clear on numerous occasions that he was considering doing something about Christians in Europe after he won the war. A Greater German state would have been about as Christian as Soviet Russia was.

He did so in lots of speeches, although the evidence tends to point towards “opportunist without any real religious/atheistic beliefs at all.”


He made lots of speeches invoking Christianity, but said quite different things in private. He also gave speeches about stamping out atheism, but didn’t contradict those in private.

His statements/motiviations kind of pale next to the outright support by Germany catholicism of the elimination of Jews, though. They complained a lot about the eugenics programs, but breathed not a word about the (known) death camps.

Some of the dualities in the history of Catholicism are amazing. They’ll murder ten people to keep one fetus from being aborted, but then if it is a Jew they’ll want someone else to whack it out anyways. Unless he gives lots of money to the parish. Didn’t Jesus say “the way into heaven is a fat wad of cash”? I think it was in Matthew or Luke. Right near the passage where he said that he died for the sins of the whole world except those heathens who eat meat on Fridays or something.

I should stop now.

To be fair, the protestants weren’t overly upset by everything, either; the catholics just had more sway.

The thing to consider is that “protestants” consist of a very large number of distinct groups. The only thing that bands them under one title is that they are non-Catholic Christian, the gist of which means they do not subscribe to the Papal heirarchy and so forth. On the other hand, Catholicism all comes more or less from one source with one set of standards.

The entire Christian church in Germany had a meger response to the Nazis.

However, I think you’re giving the Catholics an undeservedly bad rap. When it became clear that Hitler was against Christianity, the pope spoke out against him with an encyclial. It was smuggled into Germany on Palm Sunday in 1937 and read from every church. It was the first major church denomination to criticize Nazism.

Not to defend or blame the protestants, but they had a long history in Germany of backing the ruling party. Their concern was with saving an individual’s soul, not reforming goverment. So the Lutheran church was particularly unsuited to stand up to the Nazis.

The church may have been “against Hitler” on a variety of issues, but they certainly didn’t utter a peep about the jewish pogroms.

But there were plenty of institutions and goverments that were guilty of this. What is your point? For the most part I enjoy your posts Jason, but occasionally you say things that don’t make any sense to me. This is an example. Here is what you wrote:

Pale? Outright support? You make it seem as if the Catholic church was running the death camps.