Hitlercat is not amused

This is the clear winner in my book:

I wonder how he keeps his hair parted to the right like that?

Explain this particular sequence of cat photos.

I should get a friend to submit her cat to there:

i liked this one:

at first, it looks like a weird photo-morph.

What the hell kind of cat is that?

“Heyyyyyyyy yoooooooou guuuuuuys!”

The best is, even though that appears to be one of those mixed-with-jungle-cat breeds, I still have a housecat nearly as big as that.

There are no mixed-with-jungle-cat breeds. That looks like an ocicat, but I’m not an expert.

Man, I saw something about that the other day. It is definitely either mixed or a juvenile of a jungle breed.

Sure there are.

Edit: although that cat looks strikingly similar to an Egyption Mau, which is just a large breed of domestic cat.

You win. I already deleted my post before I read your response.

It’s an Asian Fishing Cat that they rescued from a run-down zoo, according to another forum where this popped up.

It is an ocicat, which got its start as a mix of a Siamese and an Abyssinian. The size comes from breeding with large shorthair cats.

It’s bred to have the wild look of an ocelot, but it’s all domestic.

It is definitely either mixed or a juvenile of a jungle breed.


I like that these people apparently store meat on the floor of their apartment.

Yeah. One of our compiler engineers has a Savannah cat. It’s big. It eats a lot. It’s too big to fit into a Robo-litter.


Wow. My wife works at an extremely upscale veterinary hospital, and has seen probably hundreds of supposedly hybrid cats, but never an actual hybrid. They’re usually just big bengals or maus that came with a two to six thousand dollar price tag.

It’s Russia, I’m sure it’s probably nice and cold

In Soviet Russia, meat stores you!