Hitman 2 - WB and IOI kills episodic Hitman

It feels so nice when you get all the classics in one go (sniper assassin + silent assassin + suit only, basically).

This one was fairly easy, all things considered. Infiltrated the construction site through the wooden log in the river, from there to the ritual temple room, from there to the hippo, throw meat and wait for Rico, baam, his body even fell directly to his pet, so Mijo would dispose of the body.

Next is distract the two guards with something, run crouched and cross all the riverside/harbor area of the mansion using the low wall as a cover. There is a guard at the end but he is using binoculars and he won’t see you. Cross the cave, you are in the coca fields.
In the cabin, where the target (the drug expert) goes once in his full path, is where you can kill them. Just attract the other guy before so you will be alone and get his key to enter, too. There is even crate to hide the body. Just remember to destroy the camera just above the door.

From there you cross os the coca plantation to the jungle area where the shaman is, from there to Andrea’s house. Climb it up through the pipe. Attract her secretary to the balcony throwing something, knock her out. Go down through one pipe, and when Andrea is using the phone, enter and kill her. Get out through the same path, done.

Great, I couldn’t play tonight thanks to the online drm! :(

Heh, I still remember when I was a bit unconvinced with the game because I had read the first level was small and tutorial-like, that meant the game would only have 5 ‘real’ missions, instead of six.

I see now the error in my ways. Some of the other missions are another step up in scope, in detail, and in possibilities. Mumbai for example is amazing, the ambiance is top notch, the detail per m2 is incredible (every little room or street has unique objects, cartels, graffitis, etc). The dramatic lightning, the bustling streets, the verticality of the place, the derelict slums… top notch.
It has three targets, one a slum lord in a trainyard, another a movie producer in a film set and the last one a elusive phantom roaming the streets, boss of the Crows gang, with bases on the sewers and the rooftops. Each one of them would be a separate mission in Blood Money, for example, each one with different unique kills, like infiltrating the movie set disguised as an actor or going to a meeting with the slum lord as her tailor.
But, in addition, there are even more possibilities you can do like making two target meet in a secret reunion and then killing them, or making a target kill another inadvertently, or help an assassin that was hired to kill two of them and then disguise as him to meet another one…

March Update:


I’m a little non-plussed that they’re making Hantu Port unavailable if you don’t have the expansion pass. I assume they will eventually, but would be willing to pay a few bucks to play this level now. I like IOI quite a bit, and this iteration of Hitman is one of my favorite games ever, but even that’s not enough to entice me to buy an expansion pass.

It includes the return of Directx 12 mode.

Man, 47 selling the house to Cassidy is a marvelous exercise in straight pan dead humor.

Also, I love how the theme of the new Hitmans is the enemy being the ultra rich and powerful, the end product of late stage capitalism.
It’s so much that even if the plot of the game was at the start about a pseudo-Illuminati/Shadow government, by the end of the second game this conspiracy seems to be already on its way out, attacked and in the process of assimilation by pure unfettered capitalism. The new wave of people entering in the conspiracy ring aren’t master spies but dumb billionaires, entitled snob socialites, and that kind of cancer to society.

I’m pretty impressed with the graphics of the game, despite at first seeming as the same as Hitman 1.

Like, these are random unnamed nps


A cool 360 photo (click on it to make it work)
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The last mission has been a good challenge, the layout structure is so complex and interconnected!

Fffff. I can breathe again. Sgail SASO done. And without cheating (aka watching youtube videos or reading guides)

It was easier than I believed at first. I mean, at first it seemed super hard. Only a small area of the entire map allow for the normal suit, the targets couldn’t be attracted to that area and instead loiter in the higher security one, and none of the 6 mission stories could be done without disguises. And guards everywhere. In the end thanks to using a much closer spawn point that allows for the normal suit, the tower roof, was doable. It would have been a pain in the ass if you had to do it from the initial entrance.

Starting in the tower, crossing the bridge, there is an empty room, an antechamber to the ark showroom, the first target crosses it from time to time. Dropping one weapon (taken from one of the two guards that watches the tower entrance over the bridge) distracted her private bodyguard, knocked him out when he went to store the weapon, waited until she repeats the patrol loop alone, then a bullet or a syringe kills the first target.

I didn’t know how to enter the main building without being seen, which is why in the end I went down using a drain pipe. I was near the stone circle used for the Janus wake. Knocked a guard in the grass to have a bit more of breathing room. Finally I noticed the second target goes through here, too, so I planted a second weapon that distracted her bodyguard, attracted her below the jail you can break, and baam, accident.

I guess most people did something similar, or is there other ways?

IOI just dropped their roadmap for the rest of the year. Looks like for me the season pass might actually be worth getting…

Yeah its one of the more impressive season pass offerings in terms of content.

I don’t know. I detest the sniper maps, so two of the main offerings are useless to me.

Yeah, but the two new locations are a big deal. And I assume the Special Assignments will be like The Icon level in Sapienza, where the levels take place in existing locations, but are at a different time of day and have enough new props/objectives/stuff to do that they feel like new locations.

OTOH, I’m not sure all that is worth $40. I might wait until that drops to $25 or below.

I think there may be more coming. Everything on that road map is labeled as being available to the silver edition, which had only the first DLC/expansion bundled, not the whole season pass.

It’s the content we already knew of, as they promised:

-2 new sniper maps (1 for gold edition)
-2 new locations/missions (1 for gold edition)
-4 new missions in current maps. (2 for gold edition)

I will leave judgment if the price tag is worth it to each one.

New patch is out

New ghost items and map, reworked SA and finally, a SA indicator.

Daaaaamn, finally a SA indicator. Took only, what, twenty years?

Yeah, it was time. I always thought they should show a preview of your score and rank indicator by going to the menu, for example.

The Undying Returns in a couple days for those who missed it.

Definitely the best Elusive Target I’ved played. If I can still play it I think I’ll follow Sean Bean around for a while and just listen to all his dialogue before taking him out this time.