Hitman 2 - WB and IOI kills episodic Hitman

The Undying Returns in a couple days for those who missed it.

Definitely the best Elusive Target I’ved played. If I can still play it I think I’ll follow Sean Bean around for a while and just listen to all his dialogue before taking him out this time.

If they follow the rules of the original game you won’t be able to replay it if you completed the mission (pass or fail) the last time.

There are different rewards this time around apparently.

I don’t think it’s exactly the same scenario this time around. The target has been portrayed as a guy who survives anything.

The reward is different too. Flash grenade toy robot!

How long do they give us to play it before it goes away? I haven’t even installed Hitman 2 yet. Should I try and knock off the rust before jumping into an Elusive Target (I didn’t do any of them in Hitman 1).

It’s 10 days now.

The Undying Returns will be available longer than usual: from May 3 - June 3, I believe.

It’s useful to know the level beforehand, though it can also be fun to try it without. You just have to be extra careful and not take any risks.

June roadmap is out. The new Bank level drops on June 25, along with Special Assignment missions for Mumbai and Santa Fortuna. Should be awesome!


Impressive muffin!

Bank trailer

I saw that, ugh its shameful how little I’ve played of this game. Being an adult sucks.


In another ‘don’t preorder guys’ and ‘never trust dlc season passes’, the impressions are that the new bank location is good and everything, but the two extra new missions in old locations are disappointing.

Where are you hearing that? I can’t find any reviews of the new content anywhere. And I won’t be chuffed anyway; I bought the expansion pass because this iteration of Hitman is one of my favorite games of the last decade and I’m happy to spend money on it.

Hey I also have the Gold edition, but that doesn’t mean I should convince myself I’m a bit disappointed, as I expected something like the Icon or Landslide. That said, like you, Hitman is one of my favorite games.

I read it here

For example, there are no opportunities/missions that are one of the core of the series now.

Yeah, I found that after I posted. Seems like it’s not quite was I was expecting or hoping for. Darn. I hope The Bank is good though.

The bank is a really nice level. It adds all the things you’d expect from a bank level: a vault, a heist sub-plot, etc.

It adds a few new items to the mix too: a sawed-off shotgun and gold bar that’s both a distraction and a non-lethal weapon.

I like the headphones that you can strangle people with.

I’ve enjoyed the bank level too. Beat it on Professional last night by nabbing all the disk drives. I’d like to try to get into the vault. This is such a great game.

July roadmap:


New sniper mission: The Gulag.