Hitman 2

Sorry GladGuy, Syberia is being put on hold while Daddy handles this other business right quick.

That’s one big T-shirt!

It was the one they had ay E3. I suppose they had to prepare for the, uh, greatest common denominator, as it were.

Just picked ol’ Number 47 up myself. ;)

Not to mention Cate’s latest adventure.

Gonna be a looooong weekend…

Wow. Hitman 2 is MUCH improved over the original. Definitely recommended.

Making this a multi-platform console and PC release helped the designers tighten up their focus. The game is a lot more verbose about what’s happening (eg, the detection/alert meter) and offering hints on possible things to do next (eg, the level intro and maps mark several possibilities). And the obvious save anywhere, which offers a generous 7 saves per level on normal difficulty.

OK, I give. Where do I get the combination for the safe at the german embassy? This is one of the “assassinate the russian generals” mission, the one where he defects to Germany and you have to recover the briefcase.

I’ve murdered everyone in the building and now I’m just wandering around aimlessly with four safes I can’t unlock. When I action key them, I get “need the combination”.

Never mind. I figured it out-- you have to wait until the german guy unlocks the safe. This happens at regular intervals with a text alert.

Killing everyone, which is sort of my default plan, didn’t work out so well. This time. I’m very impatient, and a lot of the stealth stuff is just WAY too much waiting around for my tastes.

It is a little disturbing, though, how much of this game you can complete by simply gunning everyone in your path down. Maybe I should play on a higher skill level than “normal”? The enemy AI isn’t exactly great in a gunfight, either-- they run like lambs to the slaughter. That’s my biggest complaint, but generally the game is quite good.

I’m playing on the middle level of difficulty. Except for an extra-ordinary amount of frustration on the level where you pick up a 50-cal rifle and assasinate the sheik who is in a moving car at all times, though, it has been pretty fun. I enjoy playing the levels and beating them different ways. For instance, the level where you go in to assasinate the Japanese guy, you can either bomb his chopper and scare him so he uses it to get away (big ba-da-boom) or you can just whack him out and then escape his castle either by foot or by that very same chopper. Lots of cool little things like that.

On the mission youa re talking about Wumpus (with the German embassy) I walked in and put one in the head of the General when he was off in the side room, then when that other hitman confronted the ambassador and took him upstairs to steal the stuff in the safe, I whacked the other hitman and ganked the stuff from the safe and booked. Haha! Two shots, two kills, noone else harmed. Booyah.

I walked into my local store wanting to pick up either NOLF or Hitman 2. I couldn’t decide which to buy so I walked out with Icewind Dale II.

Which packs more value into $50? NOLF or Hitman 2?

Beat it today. Great fucking game. They need one patch for some minor AI annoyances, but otherwise, if you are into first person “sneakers”, go get it. Some really cool plot twists and other such phun things.

One question to the devs: why did you bother including the fiber wire? It’s worthless in the sequel although the piano wire in the first one was awesome.

Everyone who plays it: ignore the worthless fiber wire, it’s all about coughing out the silenced .22 rounds into the brain base of those marks.

I dunno Roger, they’re both pretty damn good.

I am a weak man.

I broke down Tuesday night and bought Hitman 2 from Best Buy.

I broke down yesterday evening and bought NOLF2 from gamestop.com.

You’re not a weak man… you’re a good man.