Hitman : Blood Money


So I’m considering buying this but I need to ask two questions.

Is the game any good and can I save anywhere or are there save points?


I really enjoyed it, Always liked them hitmans, and this is no different.
(Played on PS2)

Saves are limited by number according to difficulty level (But you can save at any place and situtation). I didn’t find it annoying at this game and usually had all the saves I needed for a level (That is until I started trying the highest level with no saves, but I guess that’s part of the point there…)

Renting might be better as there’s not much to do after finishing (Though I did finish it twice… :) )



I really enjoyed it (on the XBox) though I felt like the levels were somewhat repetitive after a while. That said, I spent more time playing it than I have many other games this year.


There’s great fun to be had trying to get things like the Russian Bear achievement, too.

Just because I’m kinda screwy, I also went through the entire game with the goal of killing everyone without being spotted. I failed that, but I did make it through the game without a single alarm being raised (IIRC). And it gets to be kind of difficult when you have to hide 100+ bodies. :)


I was never able to get the “final” level to actually play – 47 just lay there. Did I screw something up? Do I need to replay the game at a higher difficulty level?


Did you ever tried to move before you where burned? ;)


The only thing i didnt like about the game was that you cant kill everyone at mardi-gras. not enough bullets


you need to move the movement and look sticks. you will see your heartbeat start to get more active as you move them until you wake up.
be ready to move though, its really tough on anything other than normal.


Answering the original question I’d go so far as to say this is probably the best Hitman game released, edging out Hitman 2 in everything but the overarching story.

There’s a demo out, I’d suggest that. The game shines if you’re inclined to be sneaky and circumspect, figuring out the gimmicks and patterns of each level to maximum effect. The game is remarkably easy when played as a pure shooter and suffers from poorer controls here, but the new reputation mechanic is atleast a small step towards encouraging people not to massacre civilians.

In short. If you like being an unseen killer with a knack for infiltration and puzzle solving, Hitman delivers in spades. If not, it’s a passable action game at best.


warning on the demo: it is the tutorial, and therefore it is total crap, feels like you are on rails. The full game’s levels have a TON of freedom.


Yeah, seconded. The tutorial does nothing to show you what the real game is like, which is much more free-form.


For some reason I thought the demo was of the barbecue party mission. Don’t know why, now that I think of it. I’ve been a Hitman fan since the first game so I didn’t need a demo to make up my mind.


This game is totally awesome on the PC as well. Agree with Kalle: best in the series. No achievements and such, but you do get hawt keyboard/mouse action.

Also: wrt killing everyone in Mardi Gras, you have to do as much as possible with a knife/piano wire, and you also need to whack the cops early and take their guns before people get them!


The achievements are really well done in this one btw, they still keep me coming back.


Only game I actually FINISHED this year. That’s saying something. I’d like to go back and replay it if I find the time. Mardi Gras level is amazing.


the end is great too, best video game ending level in years.


I don’t know, Hitman: Contracts ending was pretty good. Bleeding in an apartment, alone, outgunned, the SWAT about to beach the building in a few seconds, seedy alleyways, cops and firemen everywhere, police barricades . . . it had incredible mood.


I third the “best Hitman game” notion. There are much more ways to kill the mark. Some a lot more obscure than others. And with the advent of “Accidents,” you can kill them without making it look like a hit. Also simply being able to melee fools and pull a jackmove on their weapon is pretty damn handy.


Yeah, I LOVE the headbutt animation, with resultant cracking nose sound and the guy holding his face gushing blood. Plus, you can take hostages as well.


Using human shields is cool, but I never used it in the field. It’s not at all a silent assassins technique, which is what I was going for. Auto-concealing drawn weapons helped in this regard.

I also love playing with remote mines. Killing off all the targets at the rehab facility via accidents FTW!


The advantage to using human shields in silent assassin is that you can pistol-whip the shield unconscious, and he’ll still never have seen you.


True. Almost all the super fast silent assassin videos use hostage knockouts, coins, and bomb distractions.