Hitman : Blood Money


Nice, but whats the advantage of using hostage knockouts instead of good old fiber wire? Speed?


To get Silent Assassin, you can’t kill anyone other than your targets unless it looks like an accident. Thus, if you need to conk somebody out and get his outfit, you need to use the sedative syringes or the hostage knockout.


I like pushing people down the stairs.


You know what would make a great game? Have a slighly bigger map with some outdoor areas and multiple floors and buildings.

Make it co-op. Two assassins working together via chat (in game, I’d be radio). Maybe you could get upgades like better radios (less static), radios that went through multiple walls and shielded areas, as well as a money pool for weapons and such. Have a pre-planning area much like the first Rainbow Six games where you can draw and look at floor blueprints together.

Maybe you could have one person be the lookout/getaway driver, and switch roles to replay the mission. Or work together on a harder target, one person providing a distraction while the other person moves in for the kill or slips past a checkpoint.

I think that’d make a great next Hitman. You wouldn’t even have to change the AI much, it could just react individual to the hitmen. Assume they are alone, but be extremely suspicious if they caught one. Maybe you have to use some blood money to bail people out of jail, and then their noteriety is way up.

Plus it would bring the experience of all those great movies like Ronin, Oceans Eleven, and other caper films to the gaming world, something that is almost unheard of now.

Does this game exist?


Sounds a little like IOs next game Guapo. “Lynch and Kane: Deadmen”, or something, I’m not sure if I got the name right… except it looks like it’s high profile heists, not assasinations.

And the main guy is doing it so they will kill him painlessly and not kill his whole family, and the other guy is doing it so he can take the first guys job working for this big crime syndicate.

Or something.

It’s the one where guy #2 can be computer controlled, but needs to have his meds maintained so he doesnt go crazy on you, or someone else can control him over live and you can play the whole shebang co-op.

Has a WICKED trailer on the marketplace.

Maybe they are trying out co-op / multi with a new IP, then if it does well we will see full on co-op/competitive multi in hitman titles?


Mmmmm, I forgot about that one. I think I saw a preview in EGM.

It does look nice. I wonder if it will have a “planning” stage, which is key in my mind.


video chat + graph paper man!


Wow, that’s thinking outside the box. Maybe I’ll wear a long white wig and a jumpsuit so I can pretend to be Kane. With a headphone on and a Miller Lite in my hand.


You can also use the ‘drop body’ command to throw them over a railing or push them into the sea without having harmed them, hence counting as an accident.

My favourite: attack a guard bare-handed, grab his gun, elbow him in the face, slip round him while he’s clutching his bleeding nose, use him as a human shield while you shoot the other guard, then push the first one onto his corpse and shoot him twice in the head before he can get back up, and drop the gun on their bodies. So yeah, best Hitman ever, by a long shot.

I got that Russian Hare rating by accident, myself. Just used the sniper rifle, and shots hit = kills. You don’t have to hit with every shot, as most people believe - I missed loads.


I think I have one of those jumpsuits. You will need to be the crazy guy though, I mean, if you’re going to drink miller.


It’s all about mass murder hits with no witnesses. There’s a dance floor in one of the levels. I got up to an elevated postion above it. The mark was somewhere in the crowd of people but I couldn’t get a good shot so I just tossed a remote mine into the sea and detonated it. It took out my target with an additional 30 or so collateral.


Thanks for the advice. I bought it (The PC version.) and I must say that I’m enjoying myself. I’m really not an FPS fan but this game seems to have that ethereal quality that I can’t explain that makes me enjoy a game. Maybe it’s the atmosphere, or the open endedness, maybe I just think being an assassin is just fun.


The atmosphere in IO games has always been fantastic.

Every level in BM is beautifully crafted IMO.

I can’t wait to see Kane & Lynch.


I feel like a complete idiot. I have a stupid question for the PC version. I saved my game half way through the Vineyard mission and had to go to work. Now I’ve come home and I can’t seem to pick up where I left off. I can restart the level but when I try to load the game I can’t use any of my save games.


This is a mechanic of the game. You can only use saves in the same session.

Sorry to report it, but that’s how it works. Adds tensions. The missions are short, so you’ll get used to it.


It’s infuriating on your first play-through. Absolutely appalling design decision, at least one team member should be garrotted for it. Essentially if you have a life, the game hates you and deletes your progress.


If you have a life, what are you doing taking more than thirty minutes to beat the level in the first place?

Take two or three dry runs to explore the location, form a strategy, then get it over with in twenty minutes or less.


Way less.

(In the voice of Joe from Family Guy)

You get in there, and you kill that mark! Let’s do it!


I knew it would be too good to be true.

You see, when I ask about save points this is the sort of thing I want to know about.

Stupid console bullshit. If you want to know why I have such a burning hatred for consoles, here is your reason. Before console games started pissing in the PC game pool this shit would have been considered unacceptable. Hell, it wouldn’t even have been considered.

I get half an hour of Brendan time in the morning between the time my wife goes to work and I have to go to work. So half an hour in which I KNOW there will be no interuptions and I can enjoy some quality gaming time. Make the progress I make during this time null and void and you basically make the game unplayable for me. Why the fuck would a developer even consider pulling shit like this? A PC has a hard drive, it’s not a console. Use the fucking thing.

Let me tell you what I’m doing wanting to play across sessions. I’m trying to play the game as if I was 47. I’m trying not to be killed. 47 doesn’t get to dry run through a mission. It’s called role playing. I’d rather take an hour and a half to finish a mission and not be killed once then work the level out a few times then try to accomplish my goal on the third run.



previous hitman titles on pc have the same save system, dont they?