Hitman Demo

What did you think?

47 was well rendered. Animations were better than the previous game. I noticed a new fog effect.

Going to first person mode was fairly ugly. Some weapons (most noticeably the shotgun) were held very awkwardly. Climbing / jumping in first person would cause you to see your arms and other body parts in awkward positions around the screen.

Texture quality was fair. The texture on the pinball tables at the end of the demo was poor. And the textures on the women were also poor. Better than the previous game, but only a little. Others looked OK, like the general scenery around the amusement park. But it’s no Doom3. I remember zooming up close to a computer display and being able to read the text. That’s not the case here.

Game play seems improved. It seems a bit more intuitive. Walk against a railing, and if possible, 47 will climb over it and jump to the other side. In the previous game this required selecting an option.

There are more interactive options. Like pushing someone from behind. Using the syringe on someones drink to poison it. Things like that that weren’t available before.

It seems OK. I’ll definitely get it, but I’m not sure if I’ll get it right away or wait until it hits the discount rack – as I’ve done with the previous games.

It looks pretty good with all the eyecandy cranked up, far better than I really expected it to. I’ve heard the levels just get bigger and better as you progress as the demo is just the first starter level. I’ll probably pick this one up.

My old college roomie was a big fan of Hitman, me, it felt like the series never lived up to the potential (though I enjoyed #2). This game looks excellent but I have way too much to play right now.

I think the one thing the demo highlights is that it’s not worth playing on PC. Also, really bad animations, lots of crappy interpolation all over the place. Voice acting and setting of the demo was junk.

I could never get into the Hitman games. Stealth always felt really janky and punishing, while the run and gun came across as trivial and a reminder as to how poor I was at being sneaky.

This game finally manages a nice balance if this level is any indication. The walkthrough tips at the top middle of the screen can make one feel like the developers don’t trust the player to figure anything out for themselves, but unlike past games I actually pulled off some quirky kills that didn’t involve going all John Woo. That said, did anyone figure out how to blow up the bomb once it is planted on the pulley mechanism over the bedroom? I couldn’t find the hotkey for that.

Oh and the game ran pretty crappy on my X800XT which shocked me, so I’ll be going 360 for this one.

Anyone tried it on a x64 operating system… that’d be WinXP64?

I rememer Hitman Contracts due to some bug ran as if I was using a speed-hack . think emptying any ammo clip in less than a second. Got pretty hard to play.

I’m a really big fan of the Hitman series and to me, Hitman is just like a modern version of the Thief series. I still like the first one the best, although I really dug the challenge of obtaining the Silent Killer rating in the second one. The “plot” in the second one was terrible though, not that it matters. I didn’t care for Contracts much due to the changes to the controls. Haven’t tried the demo for Blood Money, but are the controls more like 2 or 3? Specifically, how is inventory management handled? Also, do they still have Silent Killer ratings with unlockables?

Accessing inventory involved holding down the right mouse button(pausing the game) and using the wheel to switch around your guns and items. Quick and painless.

You have to equip and use the detonator to set off the bomb you place.

The biggest problem for me with the hitman series is that in the past ones, the only way to get a perfect kill is to follow a step by step guide thru the level. If you do one thing wrong then you lose. Is there a way to improv thru the level and still get a high rating?

Also Game Informer already has a review out, 7.5 they said that the npcs don’t behave realistically all the time.

What are your favorite Hitman series levels?

Mine are the Jacuzzi hottub with bikini clad bodyguards atop the Petronas Towers in 2, and the Meat Packing Plant nightclub in 3. The biker gang hangout was pretty cool for a gunfight in 3 as well.

In 2, the Japanese one at the end - when you entered the castle (the canyon stuff was crap). The music was possibly the best music in a game since Star Control 2.

In 3, the meat packing plant was good. I also enjoyed the Yakuza / Restaurant thingy in 3.

I’m probably forgetting a lot.

I can’t find it on their site.

I just got the issue yesterday, don’t know when they update their site.

I’m staaaaaarvin’ for 360 games, boy. Staaaaaarvin’. But we really need a good LIVE game.

Just looked again, they gave ita 7.75. I enjoyed that meat packing level from contracts, as well the siberian level that has you blowing up a sub because they’re the only 2 in contracts that I got a perfect score on.

I loved the Meat Disco level in Contracts for the atmosphere, but overall Contracts just had too many redone levels for me to enjoy it.

Anyway, I see that they still haven’t made the run and crouch buttons toggle-able in Blood Money. My hands are gonna hurt when I play through it.

I just checked out the guide at eb, is it me or are the hitman games really short the guide seemed very short to me. I think like the past hit man games I’m going to wait til it goes down in price first.

Hitman levels are in general really short if you know what you’re doing, and even shorter if you just blow everyone away, but can take a fair bit of time the first time you’re going through it if you try and do it right. I have levels where my complete time is something like 6 minutes, yet I actually spent an hour or two trying different tactics and reloading a lot.

I personally love the Hitman games, would buy one every six months if they could pump them out that fast.

I’ve beaten 2, and played 3 missions of contracts before I got annoyed at the game. I just didn’t like how your forced into certain paths, unless you want to rambo on the level.