Hitman GO - The Definitive Edition

Not to be confused with Hitman Chess or Hitman Chinese Checkers, this is the Steam integrated version of a very good mobile puzzle game.

Each level is staged like a little diarama, and is turn based. You have to move Baldy from Point A to Point B (sometimes killing an intended victim, sometimes just escaping from the premises) without being seen or killed by the guards. You move from node to nod, and with each move some guards patrol a fixed area, while others may swivel in place. If a turn ends with Uncle Fester in view of one of the guards, it’s game over.

So basically it’s a game of pattern recognition with a lot of trial and error. Still, it’s only $6 at the moment, and while I have the basic game on my Nexus 7, this comes with all the DLC as well as a couple of new levels based on missions from the parent series, so I may grab it anyway.

Loved this on my Nexus 7 also. Wishlisted the Steam version as its been awhile since I played it, I’d give it another GO. :p

This was a good pickup for several dollars. I like how it starts off simple and ramps up with new threats and tools. I’m about halfway through. Each level hasn’t been difficult to beat, but some of the turn limit challenges took me a bunch of tries. I like how clean the style is - it’s like a cute little dollhouse of death. I’ve been having trouble getting into a larger game at the moment and this is filling the void nicely since some levels can be finished in 10 minutes, including the challenges.

I totally can’t beat level 4-13 turn limit challenge. I just don’t even see what I could do differently. I’m tempted to look it up on YouTube, but once I do I can’t unsee it. I think I’ve been trying for 45 minutes. I think this is the first one to take more than 15 minutes to beat all 3 objectives. Time to go watch Game of Thrones.

Wow I’m glad I didn’t look it up. I can’t believe I didn’t see it. I got up to watch TV, but my wife wasn’t ready so I came back down and solved it within 5 minutes.

I finally finished up the campaign and it’s a pretty good puzzle game. The only real knock that I’d have against it is that a lot can be accomplished through trial and error. I have a plan on how I think things will work out but misread where an enemy piece is going to be or which way its facing, so I restart and trace my prior steps and then take a different path. I mean, not much can be done about that in a game like this.

It would be nice if they counted your moved (or deaths) across multiple tries of the same level so you can see if you took more tries than other players.