Hitman III - Hat trick of Death

Coming January 2021. Six main locations, probably more as DLC. First location: Dubai. “Seasons” 1 and 2 will also carry over into one package if you have them, unlocked items included. It’s going to be one huge game.

Aw yissss… no more unlocking the same crap twice… or three times!

I always speculated that Hitman 3 will have 2 player coop. It would be why they have introduced a new character as ally in Hitman 2 and why they did the Ghost mode, as a way to start testing the online system.

edit: I still have to play the Hitman 2 dlc :D

You should! The two DLC maps in Hitman 2 are some of the best! I like that they’re smaller, more focused too.

As for multiplayer, I guess that would make sense. They only made a whopping two maps for Ghost mode, though. Not sure why.

Weird thread title insinuating that first, second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh times weren’t charming .)

It’s fitting, all of the QT3 Hitman thread titles are terrible.

Hey, you come up with some trenchant pun about the number three.

How about this?

Aaaanyway… since the the first area is a tower in Dubai, does that mean they finally worked out how to make elevators that work in their engine?

The CG trailer shows two other locations, by the way:

Hong Kong?

Mansion in UK, France, something like that?

It reminds me of Beldingford Manor.

I like this one! :)

I have never played a Hitman game before. Should I? I bought Hitman 2016 when it was on sale and it’s just sitting there on my PS4 backlog with all the other games I thought I might want to play someday that were on sale (I have a problem). Why should I prioritize this over, say, Yakuza Kiwami or Wolfenstein something something?

Oh, man. The recent Hitman games have been crazy good. Once you get your head around the fact that each area is a Rube-Goldberg death sandbox playspace and not just a linear A to B puzzle game, you can make amazing things happen.

Are my Steam achievements going to carry over?

Narrator: they won’t.

Dunno. How much you like stealth games, in general? Do you like the idea of social stealth games? Do you like the idea of a suave, stealthy James Bond infiltrating in embassies and luxury parties?

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Well, that was basically 45 minutes of them very meticuously saying nothing more than what’s on the announcement page. Community managing is kind of a thankless job.

Two things, though:

  • They confirmed the locations seen in the trailer will be in the game. So… Hong Kong and a mansion of some kind.
  • Between-mission cutscenes will be in the same style as Hitman 2 DLC missions, which I guess they mean in-engine.

These newer ones (2016 and newer) are insanely fun, especially (for me anyway) when your plan goes to shit. That said, while I own both Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 (2018), and have spent several hours with each one, I have not spent nearly enough time with either of them to fully appreciate what I can do with them. They are fantastic games.

Thus, the major problem I have with them is that I know that once I fire it up, I’m going to lose myself in it for hours. It’s happened every time I’ve played them. The possibilities are endless, and these games encourage experimentation. And not because you have to, but because you want to. I could easily see myself losing hundreds of hours to these games, because once I start playing, real life and the clock in real life disappear. My sleep would suffer, which would affect my work.

So after experiencing that, the last times I fired up Hitman 2 were only to play one of the excellent Sniper Challenges, which are themselves highly addictive, but I can limit myself to an hour or less. Honestly, I think I would have paid nearly full price for the Sniper Challenges by themselves.

Anyway, since you already own the 2016 game, I’d recommend trying it out. I can’t remember if the tutorial stuff is required, but I think I didn’t even finish the tutorial. I got impatient and went right into a mission. And it was great, however I think I regretted not finishing the tutorial. The game can be very involved, and I think the tutorials will help you get the most from it.



Cool as hell. Although I wonder if they will tweak the gameplay as needed. They are games designed for third person, you need it to watch the guards patrol around a wall, and stuff like that.

I’m realizing now that all I’ve ever wanted was to walk around being Helmut Kruger in VR.

Really hope the VR support makes its way to PC so I can use Natural Locomotion with it. omg that would be the business.