Hitman III - Hat trick of Death

Because IOI said that’s what they could do before this latest announcement. It still literally says this on the official website.

HITMAN 3 is the best place to play every game in the World of Assassination trilogy. All locations from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 can be imported and played within HITMAN 3 at no additional cost for existing owners – plus progression from HITMAN 2 is directly carried over into HITMAN 3 at launch.

Also, all the progression and unlocks are tied to an account on IO’s servers that you have to log into separately from in-game and all the information for progression unlocking is done through there. The unlocks and achievements are tied to doing things on specific maps so it’s a stretch to think there’s no way they couldn’t get that information from that connection, if they for some reason don’t have it already.

I realised yesterday that it would normally be unreasonable to expect any content to carry over in a sequel normally. But since they promise it, I feel it’s become an important part of the value of the game and lets them get away with quite a bit less main game content - I would otherwise consider 6 levels pretty stingy.

I don’t think that is viable, since it would allow the use of one Steam copy of Hitman 2 to be used for unlocking all the Hitman 3 content on Epic for multiple Epic users. (A single Steam copy could be used to create multiple distinct Steam+IOI accounts via family sharing.)

Hmmmm there are definitely some tricky situations for IOI to work out like in that case which IOI account gets to the unlock, but it’s definitely a solved problem (EDIT ok thinking through below maybe it’s downgraded to probably solvable). I remember some horrific/hilarious rigamarole involving linking Epic and Steam accounts to a klei account to get a Steam key from an alpha key on Epic. My ioi account definitely links to my steam account (I had to login and authorise using the steam connection and it prompted me to create a password so…apparently the ingame account neither links steam nor ) and says I have Hitman 2 as a registered product - no idea how family sharing Steam accounts look on their end though so that’s a good point.

You might be right about family sharing being an issue though - they could restrict only one Epic account gets Hitman 3 but then you have the issue of which IOI account gets it (the first to claim it? Is there an owner of the Steam game for families?) and people complaining “I can play it on Steam why can’t I get it on Epic” vs giving it to all the accounts and people doing fake family shenanigans to unlock it in multiple Hitman 3 copies. Interesting to see if they resolve it though…

Cool, IO’s saying PC players who already own the games won’t have to repurchase them on EGS. I might get this now.


Crisis averted.

It seems I own Hitman and played it for 77 minutes, and I own Hitman II and … have never played it? I don’t have any time played or last time played. I could have sworn I played this but I must be thinking of the first game (played in 2017). That’s wild. I am super interested in the idea of this game but for some reason have never been able to get in. Should I pick up Hitman 3 and see if I can finally get into this, or stick with maybe launching Hitman 2?

It’s weird how much younger/smoother 47’s face looks in Hitman 3 compared to 2.

There are potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay in Hitman 1 and 2. I’d fire those up and dig in. If you like, then get Hitman 3 later when the price drops.

This new Hitman series remains one of my favorite gaming experiences ever. I think what’s hard about it is that it’s a weird kind of sandbox. You have objectives, but they’re layered on top of each other: multiple objectives for different ways to kill your targets, for instance. I really enjoy the Escalations for how they force you to really learn a section of a level, and do so in an organic way.

I never played any of the Hitman games, but fell into the hype for 3, along w/ getting some strong endorsements for the series. I own Hitman 1 for free from the Epic giveaway a while back, and found Hitman 2 Gold (Steam) on sale at cdkeys for under $10 bucks. I’ve only played the Hitman 1 training mission (and 2nd play through via alternative methods) and I can already tell this should be fantastic.

I guess the question is, can I unlock the Epic Store Hitman 1 levels in Steam Hitman 2, in order to play w/ any engine enhancements, or is that part of the waiting game we’re playing w/ IOI?

You should play Hitman 1 or 2, first. Same experience than this game will offer, really.

Wait, really? I haven’t followed any of the press stuff about this, but is Hitman 3 really just more levels with the same gameplay as Hitmen 1 and 2? No new meta-progression or gameplay elements or campaign structure or anything?


I was talking in general terms. I’m sure there will be a pair of new tools (one it’s a hacking camera thingie) and some new trick the AI can do, but Hitman 2 was already pretty much like Hitman 1 except with a multiplayer mode no one played, and I have no reason to believe Hitman 3 will be different. At least I haven’t heard anything bold and innovative as part of their marketing.
I was actually expecting having a 2 player coop, as the plot allows for it, and they have the mp system half done from H2, but nope.
I’m not saying it as it’s something bad. There is usually ‘new’ stuff in these games is usually is bespoke, handcrafted stuff, that are part of the levels, and not ‘systemic’ stuff.

The rest of the meta-progression is mainly unlocking new starting situations, some new weapons to start with, a couple spots to stash gear in the level…I think that’s it? The rest is cosmetic stuff like suits to wear and skins for the weapons. I’m wondering if I missed a bunch of new features or if that’s it…
Oh, they showed unlocking a ladder that they said would be persistent across runs so you can permanently unlock new routes/shortcuts.

Yeah, it’s going to be basically more of the same, not that it’s such a bad thing.

It’s like one huge game that’s gotten expansion packs and tweaks for five years.

I dislike how young they are making 47 in general. He looked the best in Absolution, should have just kept that.

I find amusing how they tweak and retweak his face in every entry, despite being all versions of the same bald guy that everyone recognizes at this point. Slightly more pointy chin in this game, slightly less pointy in this other one, slightly older in this one, slightly younger in the next.

I like Blood Money the best. Hitman 2 was a definite improvement over the 2016 Hitman.

Reviews are positive: