Hivemind assemble: how to project iPhone?

I need to output (not just the video content of some apps that support it) the iPhone display for instructional purposes. What should I buy to do this?

Good luck on that one. I tried looking into similar solutions for the Motorola Droid X a few months back and there was just nothing good available. Handset manufacturers weren’t really thinking of their hardware in these laptop-replacement terms when the current generation of smartphones was designed. Happily it sounds like they are changing their thinking quickly so I expect external display hookup to be a common feature on smartphones in a few years.

I am sure there are countless others out there that are cheaper, but a 2 second google search garnered that.

You need to figure out what kind of inputs you want to pipe it to as well.

EDIT - Forgot to include this link with the apps for it That should give you the solution you want I would hope.

I found this link: It will do exactly what you want, but the price may be prohibitive.

iDemo looks like it might work.

I bought it for $15. It’s a little laggy but works.