HL2, Steam, and Customer Service

Well the fact that I had some trouble with a “lost password” (that turned out not to be the problem actually) and talked about it here managed to get me a PM from a very friendly person from Valve who seems to hang around.

The valvite offered to forward my issue on to the CS reps and get things fixed up for me. The issue I was having was that I couldn’t log on to my older Steam account (the one I had registered my used copy of HL1 that turned out to not have a disk in the jewel case)

After some back-and-forth in which said valverator told me that I was not the owner of the account name I specified actually led me to try their “lost account” options again and I realized that the system will automagically look up your account based on a CD key! By simply typing in the HL1 key that I had originally registered it automailed me my old account name.

Ironically, I actually had not forgotten my password, I simply had the wrong account name. I thought that I had used the handle “MikeTwain” as my Steam name but I had actually used the name “MikeTwain@<isp>”…my email address. Stupidly I had not made an accurate note of this.

Anyway, the valvernon is currently helping me even further by finding out whether I can get my old HL1 key transferred over to my new Steam account (the one with HL2)

In all the fuss I’ve noticed a few things:

  1. People who post on QT3 get some pretty good service from Valve. :P
  2. People who don’t post on QT3 get some pretty good service from Valve! Including about 4 different ways to recover a “lost” account and a very comprehensive online FAQ section.
  3. Valve customer service is pretty much ready to help you out.
  4. Thank God I was able to get my “SpoofyChop” username back because apparently there’s some other jerk out there using “MikeTwain” on Steam.

Obviously there’s a lot of angst about Steam out there and there’s also plenty of criticism (I’m probably one of the most unappreciative!) of HL2, but I think the basic fact is that Valve is probably one of the best game companies out there. I may complain about HL2 because I’m so plot oriented, and people may complain about Steam because its got some issues but the fact is that everything they do is done pretty professionally.

I think the next test of Valve customer service is to find out if Mike Cathcart can get an answer as to why he never got his Platinum edition stuff in the mail (or whatever edition he got) after the retail release.

Anyway, thanks to the helpful valvinator who saved the day!


So… you’re making a pro-Steam/Valve based thread? … this in gonna be fun to watch.

( For the record I love Valve except the tools I have to use to make models for HL2 mods sucks, but I’m learning, so I can get over it. )

Fuck EA.


SH1T B0N3RZ!!!

Fack No, You Joke Me!

Now if only some friendly Valve employee could find a way to upgrade me from Bronze to Silver by charging the difference to my CC and making the original HL available to me, I would be forever grateful. The last time I checked, the only way to do it was to email most of your CC number to support, have them credit your bronze account, then purchase the Silver account. For me, the deal breaker was to email most of the CC number. They wanted like the first 17 numbers! That leaves like, what, 4? for a criminal to guess? It probably wouldn’t happen, but it just seemed damn incontinent.

That would be damn INCONVENIENT, [size=2]although incontinent would also be mighty inconvenient, too[/size].

That, I don’t see why I can’t just upgrade from Bronze, either. It’s a stupid limitation, typical of EA.



Did you really just make a tangentially-related penis Freudian Slip, Tim? GOOD CHRIST MAN GET HELP.

A very impressive post but I need someone to translate for me … I got lost halfway through it. :oops:

Who is “Valvinator” ?

Speaking of Steam, I read a post on Usenet where the guy said he didn’t understand why people were saying that HL2 was too short, since he was already four hours into it and hadn’t even gotten to the game yet…

I’m not a Steam basher, but that one made me chuckle.

So, you got that job being a shill?

Oh that would be so awesome. I would be the best shill that ever shilled.


Also “valvinator” “valvite” and whatever are the terms I used for the person that helped me…I wasn’t sure if said person wanted streams of PMs.

You? Have a lost password problem? Never!



From people who actually want their STEAM problems fixed?

Yeah well there’s the normal channels too right?


[CLARIFICATION: This roll eyes is directed at Jon.]

Fuck Steam, the whole idea of Steam and any future implementations of something similar. I finally bought a console, bitches! (PS2)

Welcome to the club. Yeah, I know that first console hurts, but after that, it feels just fine. You just walk funny for a while.