Hmm, interesting (RB2 guitar w/GH3 software)

I’d read that you couldn’t use the RB2 instrument with GH3. Still, I wanted to see for myself. So I popped in GH3 (360 version) with my Rock Band 2 wireless guitar active. Lo and behold it seemed to be working, at least as far as the start button and green fret buttons were concerned (skipping past the cutscenes and such). But when I signed onto Live and it prompted me to update the game, and I did so, suddenly the game didn’t recognize any button presses on the guitar at all. Now it makes me want to uninstall the patch and try to actually play a song in quickplay or something. BTW I do have the wired 360 x-plorer guitar, but the RB2 guitar’s strum bar is so much quieter that I really prefer it.

Anyone else try this? Any success?

I don’t know how it may have changed since because I haven’t booted GH3 in a looong time, but at the time of release RB guitars worked fine on the Xbox 360 version of GH3, but not on the PS3 version.

I’m a bit curious how someone ends up with a copy of GH3 without owning a Les Paul. It pretty much obviates the entire point of owning the game.

I did. I bought GH2 (wired Xplorer), then skipped GH3 because I hate the idea of boss battles. When RB came out, I was happy to have the second guitar for my son (I happen to like the Strat… sue me). EB had a promo on GH3 one week where they were selling the disc alone for $5. I got my 5 bucks worth out of it, then sold it on Craigslist for $20.

I had bought RB2 and the wireless RB2 Stratocaster, then I saw a good price on redoctane’s site for GH3 with guitar for 40 bucks plus shipping. Since I’d heard the GH hardware was more reliable I went for it to have it as a backup.

I’m buying whichever guitar she’s playing.

(Warning, may not be SFW, depending on where you work.)