Hob - Runic Games, open-world, sans dialogue, Shadow of Ico


Quite enjoyed Torchlight 2. Played it a ton. Too bad this doesn’t appear to be coming to Xbox, I guess I’ll have to spend my money on something else.


I watched the Forest video above and initially wasn’t that impressed; it looked nice but felt a bit lifeless. Then I saw them raise the section of the world and basically threw money at my screen.



Hob releases next week.

Even though this was uploaded back in March, since it wasn’t mentioned in this thread, I recommend anyone who’s interested in Hob or the studio should watch Gameumentary’s video on Runic Games.


I like the look of this game and respect the team enough that I’ve preordered (which I never do). The other incentive was that if you preorder on GOG right now, you get Stories: The Path of Destinies for free. Which (despite the terrible title) I will very much recommend, having finished it last night.


Launch Trailer


Because of how much I enjoyed Torchlight 2 I really wanted to try this game. So since they’re unwilling to provide an Xbox One version I checked to see if the final release version would run on my PC.




Seems pretty low spec to me

OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: i3 Sandy Bridge Dual Core or Equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB of VRAM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 500 Series / AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space
Additional Notes: Controller recommended.


How nice for you.


Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way … I thought maybe ‘Can you run it?’ was giving an error? As the spec doesn’t list a cpu speed.


What are your PC specs?


And…its good!

nGAF users reporting PC version runs great , PS4 runs so-so.


Does anyone know if this is related in any way to the “Dresden Codak” web comic, which had a series named “Hob”? The art does look more than a bit similar.



I don’t think so. From Wikipedia:

A hob is a type of small mythological household spirit found in the north and midlands of England, but especially on the Anglo-Scottish border, according to traditional folklore of those regions. They could live inside the house or outdoors. They are said to work in farmyards and thus could be helpful; however, if offended they could become nuisances.

I think this is more likely the Hob they derived the name from.


Okay, played a bit this evening. Thoughts:

  • Looks super lovely and the character design is fantastic.
  • Navigation feels pretty good.
  • I was disappointed when I was given a sword, because the game had been feeling like it was going to be all navigational puzzles, and that sounded really great to me. Oh well.
  • Got stuck at one point with no idea where I should go. For a game that wants to evoke Zelda or ICO, they’ve left the starting area of the world just a tad too open, so I’m never quite sure how far back I need to go to find the next passage. (Turns out I didn’t realize you could jump sideways while climbing to grab another ladder. Tips for y’all!)
  • Throughout the world there are hints of mechanisms I think I’ll eventually be able to interact with, but can’t yet. It has a metroidvania structure in that regard.
  • Crashed twice. Yuck.
  • Stupidest stupid thing ever: A big boss who can kill me in one hit (I have a defense, but it can be tricky to use) and when I die I respawn a full minutes-run away! Come on, guys!

I’ll definitely be playing more. At the moment it feels like a really well-conceived game that needed a bit more time baking in the level design oven.


I have put about two hours into this: crashed twice, and had to respawn three times due to getting stuck in level geometry or otherwise unable to see my character on the screen.

I suspect the game engine itself is based on a Torchlight decedent (still written in Ogre, as I found out during one of the crashes), and the visuals have a similar feel. But whereas Torchlight was firmly in the ARPG/Diablo camp (Torchlight 2 is still the best Diablo 2++ in my book), Hob is a very different type of game.

Character control seems very floaty - it is difficult to climb ladders in a few places due to weird camera angles, and worse, jumping is not very precise. I have jumped to my death more than once by missing a simple jump to a platform straight across a gap because Hob decided to jump a few degrees off. (This is with the xbox controller). Also, the fighting is not great, but maybe will improve with upgrades?

Definitely a metroidvania - so poor control is really not good for this type of game.

In tone, it feels like it wants to be Brothers, maybe, but with there less clarity of direction and story. I found some Guild Wars 2 like viewpoints, that seem to be simply cosmetic. And since every game must be compared to Dark Souls now, it also seems a Dark-Souls-wanna-be, too – the world design includes unlockable shortcuts and the combat can be unforgiving with one-shots (as mentioned above)… which does not pair well with movement that feel like the controller is covered in peanut butter.

…all that said, the art design is quite pretty.

I really want to like this game, but I am not convinced quite yet. However, I am willing to put more time in and see if first impressions give way to something better.


I’m shocked that this game isn’t generating more buzz. My experience differs dramatically from the poster above.

The controls feel tight and responsive and the jumping puzzles are a real pleasure. I think the fixed camera works very well in providing a good viewpoint for the player whilst also serving as a guide to the next objective.

I agree that combat feels a bit loose and I generally survive by mashing buttons. However, if you run into a monster that is too tough chances are that you’re too weak to fight him yet. I’ve had much success by just running away (it helps that I’m already in tune with my innate cowardliness) :)

The stand out features for me are that the game is both clever and beautiful. Really beautiful in many places. You can really feel the care an attention to detail. Game of the year for me right now (tied with Prey).

Please give this one a whirl. At 20 bucks you won’t regret it.


We should never be shocked about this anymore. The market is insane right now.


Its probably good some of us waited to get it, they put out 3 patches now in 3 days, fixing stuffs.


I just started it earlier and I’m loving it.

I feel pretty spoiled between this and Steamworld Dig 2 in the last week.