Hobbies that allow you to carpet bomb miniature countries

23’ foot wingspan, 8 minature turbine engines and all the geek cred you need

Wow. That’s pretty freaking impressive.

I want to see video of the when that thing finally crashes.

Not video of the plane. Video of the face of the guy who spent the time and money to build that monstrosity!

um. two thing.
1 - that’s awsome.
2- Second picture down proves leprechauns exists.

Wholly CRAP. That is amazing. We need our unmanned bombers to look like that one in the future, to keep with consistency. ;)

:shock: :shock: :shock:

That’s sweet. The only thing that is missing is the thick black smoke trails from the engines. I love the sound.

Think the Iraqis would wet their pants if they saw this in a low holding pattern over their cities?


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One of the first things I thought when I saw the video of the little bomber flying overhead was questioning whether a bunch of such models could have some actual psyop value.

I wonder if flown at just enough height it’d be difficult to tell whether this was the real thing flying higher for enemy troops on the ground. Would shoulder fired anti-aircraft missles be able to properly lock on to the thing? With some surveillance gear inside, it’d make both a good decoy and spy craft, as well as create the idea that our planes could be anywhere.

Perhaps some electronic warfare trickery could even help make the thing appear bigger to monitoring stations, helping it’s decoy value.

Regardless of the practicality, it’s fun to think about.

Well, I think the psyops value would suffer quite a bit once the enemy finds out how easy it is to shoot those things down with a simple Kalashnikov.

About differentiating the tinies from the real thing: I think one-eyed enemies would be quite baffled. Once we encounter an evil enemy who’s army solely consists of one-eyed troops, these miniatures would be TEH PWN.

For surveillance issues there are already more apt drones available. One of the few real things the German Bundeswehr had to contribute in the Kosovo were their surveillance drones.

But - and this is a big BUT - this thing is so neat!!