So, I’m sure 95%-99% of all of us play video games. What other hobbies do y’all have?

I like to dig up old threads. I need more hobbies. :(


I read lots. I play miniature wargames (40k once upon a time, now Warmachine). I watch lots of movies. I also like football. And beer. And cooking.

Hi, I’m bachelor number one. My hobbies include playing guitar, obessively scouring used CD bins at local record stores, smoking weed, and being as slothful as humanly possible. I’m what the girls call a “catch”.

Guitar (bass and acoustic)
Riding waverunners at the lake.
Reading: sci-fi, politics, religion, self-help, parenting, et al
stock market/currency speculation.
real estate investing.
comic books, tho I’m getting rid of most of my 25-year collection. Takes up too much space.
Texas Hold’em (i suck)


Piano, tennis.

I read a lot, and I do a lot of aquarium type stuff. In the past I had about 200 gallons worth of aquariums of various types (one in each room of the house.)

After I moved back into an apartment I kinda cut down on that habit. Nowadays, I have a small tank with some Mbuna type cichlids. I would love to have a large planted tank again, but they can be so much work.

But they’re beautiful!


There’s a little truth in the “twiddling my thumbs” part of the title, my backlog of games and movies is large enough that deciding what to play/watch is a hobby in and of itself. I’d also throw reading in there, but I don’t really do enough of that to call it a hobby, more like an occasional pasttime.

Auto Racing. I curently am on a pit crew. I plan on getting back into the drivers seat next year.

I play guitar too (lot of that going around). I like football a lot, so I spend a lot of time reading up on it.

wow…i miss my old aquariums.

I’ve had a guitar for 15 years but have never taken the time to learn how to play it.

I have gotten into radio controlled helicopters lately, boomerangs, frisbee golf, along with all the outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, etc.

I play video games and surf the internet!!

I am really boring irl.

Reading: sf/fantasy fiction (rarely now), politics, philosophy.
Playing games (PC only), Internet.
Also have some dogs around the house that I like to spend time with now and then.

I’ve been thinking about getting into real estate investing. Probably more in the sense of fixing and flipping rather than being a landlord. I need to get a new hobby as I’m getting bored of my old ones, specifically volunteering with Search and Rescue.

Other hobbies:
nature photography
web design
graphic design/publishing
ice hockey

Exactly how much time do you have to devote to something before it’s elevated to hobby? I mean, I like to think mountain biking is a hobby, except I haven’t ridden in…5 years? Shooting was a hobby, but I haven’t seriously shot something in like 10-15 years. Computer programming was a hobby, then it became a career.

I guess my only legit hobby anymore is music stuff, but even then I’m not sure I do enough of that to qualify. I mostly surf the internet and derail other people’s forum threads.

Wait…where does porn fit in? Because it doesn’t seem like it should be a hobby, but man, it sure can eat up the hours.

Hours overall, sure. In 4 minute chunks.


I collect vinyl and try to keep up on the local music scene.

I read comics, but I’m not a major geek about it. Mostly Vertigo stuff, I don’t really follow the major superhero stuff.

I hesitate to say TV, Movies or DVDs. Although my collection of TV on DVD is pretty impressive.

I love to drive around in the country for fun. Gas prices make this an expensive hobby these days.

I enjoy cooking. I make the best Kung Po Chicken in the city.

Oh, and cunnilingus.