Well I was definitely wrong on the number of games but Dallas moves on! A really awful call on the first OT goal but Duchesne got his karmic reward in the second OT. Oettinger in full playoff mode now.

Ya, the absurdity of that call boggles the mind. Back in the 19 playoffs, the sharks had a similar call against, where a ref also positioned on the wrong side of the goalie, made a goalie interference call (this time resulting in not only the goal taken away, but a penalty against). It’s a horrible place to make that call from, and glad to see dallas persevere. The semis are shaping up to be excellent!

If vancouver wins tonite, we’ll have the top four seeds from each conference advancing - i don’t think i’ve ever seen that happen before. That would also make it 4 of the top 6 teams in the conference finals, including the top two seeds, one from each conference. Add to that the lottery results not changing at all, and you’ve a year when the most probable result occurred for every event, which is probably, statistically, pretty rare.

Edmonton Florida final. Since I’ve been living Alberta all my life and in Edmonton for over 40 of those years my loyalties are obvious. I got to enjoy the glory years but it’s been a long drought. Florida is a hell of a team so it should be a great series.

Awful that the Stars basically fell apart for… 6-7 periods or so and consequently lost 3 games in a row and hence a trip to the Stanley Cup. Self destructed in Game 4, had nothing for Game 5, and somehow let in 2 goals on just 3 shots and made Game 6 just out of reach, despite everything they tried.

— Alan

I have been trying to figure out why Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch looks so familiar to me.

And I think I’ve finally figured it out.

He’s Lloyd Braun from Seinfeld. “Why can’t you be more like Lloyd Braun?!?!?”



Dallas showed such resolve it seemed throughout the playoffs. I thought they were going to make the final for sure earlier in the series against the Oilers.

I am a fan of this younger crew of Oilers led by McDavid, though. They are a lot of fun to watch. I see this is their first cup final, so I am happy for them for that.

Dallas bowing out like that was a pretty huge disappointment. They had all the pieces but consistently tried for one more pass almost every time in the zone. Really frustrating to watch. The powerplay was just horrific, though a few shots that hit the post go in and it’s a different series for sure. Not scoring on a 4 min PP in OT was a sign of things to come.

I can’t cheer for Perry nor any team he’s on.

I’m also annoyed we’re having to wait a week to finish this: I think the nhl should really target finishing up the playoffs before june hits, though at this point that would mean either starting earlier or cutting games (both of which i’m a fan of and the nhl is not).

I also wonder if pavs hangs them up this year - i thought he had one year left, but he’s a UFA this summer. His regular season numbers were fine, but that might’ve been his worst playoff performance.

And it looks like pavs is retiring, though there’s a good size truck you can drive through the gap between “I’ve retired” and “I don’t intend to play next season”. I’d love the sharks to sign him to one last season - he’d be a great influence on all their young kids, and it’d be great for the tank to give him a proper sendoff. Even if not a season, sign him for the game against the stars…

I’m hoping he sticks with the Stars organization. He’s been an immense value in helping the kids like Johnston and Stankoven develop. Figure he’s gone a long career ahead of him if he wants to take that path.

Whoa I can’t believe my team made the finals.

That’s about their only hope ATM.

My wife was telling me this morning that Oilers fans were complaining about the officiating and that the officials were throwing the game to the panthers. Hilarious considering the penalties that called when anyone breathes too hard on McDavid.

Well I’m not an oiler’s fan, but do have a soft spot for Mcdavid in his quest to win the cup, so I guess you could say I’m rooting for them.

The only call I saw that was bad was when they only called roughing on Draisaitl when it should have been a major hit to the face. So that actually went in favor of the oilers to only get roughing.

Well we are all but officially done, ran into a hot goaltender, not getting the bounces and make the same mistakes over and over again. I was lucky enough to be at the game tonight when a free ticket fell into my lap, row 4 at the blue line. What a fantastic experience.

Holeeee, that was a wild game.

Oh man, I bet Tkachuk was wishing he hit that net a bit harder & put it off its posts.

It would have been interesting to see, but i think the ref may have awarded a goal for it regardless. According to rule 63.7

The question would be over interpretation of the word ‘deliberately’ - personally, i’d hope the refs would award the goal in this case, because whether tkachuk intended to dislodge the net or not, it was his own actions that caused it, and the most likely outcome of mcdavid having the puck in that position, would be a goal.