Hodgman is a funny guy

John Hodgman, author of the underrated book Areas of My Expertise, long-standing portrayer of PC in the Apple commercials, and contributor to The Daily Show, is also a frequent updater to twitter - I highly recommend following @hodgman for daily doses of his humor, if you are a fan of his work (and use twitter)…

I have enough trouble keeping track of what I’m doing on a daily basis…

I LOVE John Hodgman, but I hadn’t the slightest clue that he was the PC guy in the Apple commercials. Fuck me.

He made a reference to Watership Down. Win!

I like Hodgman, not enough to pick up daily blurbs from him, but I enjoy what I hear. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the standup from the British guy on The Daily Show. I had to change it as it was causing me to nod off.

Fun trivia fact #89: the guy who plays the Mac on the Mac commercials is the kid who helped land the ship (after taking out the trash) in Galaxy Quest.

Yeah, he’s some kind of actor or something. I hear he’s even in other movies.

Like Die Hard 4, where he didn’t use a Mac.

And I love Hodgman’s Areas of My Expertise. Hilarious book. I listened to the audiobook, which lost some stuff without the tables, figures, and graphs, but gained a lot because Hodgman himself was the narrator. His inflections and sense of timing really sold some of the jokes.

Underrated? Critically acclaimed and it sold well. What were you hoping for? A knighthood?

Areas of My Expertise is awesome

Areas of My Expertise is not only awesome and well-regarded, but it also kicked his career up a notch. His stint as PC in the Mac ads? He got that because the director was a fan of Areas of My Expertise. He got his role as Resident Expert on the Daily Show because of how awesome he was in his Jon Stewart interview whilst promoting the book.

Totally going to check him out on twitter.

I did not care for Areas of My Expertise and regretted buying it. I love Hodgman, but that book felt one-note and gimmicky as hell to me.

Man… I love Ric Flair.

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I liked the book, but not as much as I thought I would. His inflection and timing really go a long way for me. Although I have to admit, I bought it based on the cover alone, and recieved my $10 of enjoyment from said cover.

The audio book version was pretty good, had Jonathan Coulton in there too.

Editor’s note: Areas of My Expertise is now available at the BARGAIN PRICE of $4.99 at Amazon. I bought mine and now I pass this info along to you.

Ordered! Gracias, Abuelo Verde.