Hogan v Gawker


How is hogan’s sex tape any different than revenge porn (which I think is not legal?)?


From Talking Points Memo today: Peter Thiel’s Lawyer Goes After Gawker For Investigation Into Trump’s ‘Weave’


His response to a question on Twitter:

“I am defending @Gawker, to the extent people suggest its behavior puts it outside entitlement to the rule of law.”


That’s pretty funny, but Gawker could easily have the last-laugh here:

It is unclear what, if any, involvement Thiel had in this latest legal threat. The billionaire investor is a Trump supporter who will attend the Republican National Convention as a pledged delegate on Trump’s behalf.

Really, all Gawker’s lawyers have to say is something like: “We welcome this lawsuit and look forward to deposing Mr. Ivari [the alleged hair specialist] under oath.” I’d reckon that would get the case shut pretty quickly.


Right Wing Troll brags about possible support and connection to Peter Thiel

Basically, you have a super-powered youtube commenter suing Gawker over BS (case dropped) with a history of being a nasty bigot and online troll, possibly supported by or friends with the man with the deep pockets full of lawyers, Peter Thiel. Supposed supporter of free speech and press, and protector of the innocent, and also friends with rancid homophobe internet troll?


That Gawker piece is a perfect example of how they often don’t conduct journalism. Not evidence of a shady conspiracy against them.


Hold on to your butts Gawker fans.

Gawker Media is undergoing some changes. The publisher of this site, and many of your other favorite (Kotaku) and least favorite (Deadspin) blogs, will be sold at auction next week.[/quote]


Univision buys Gawker media for $135m.


They apparently also own The Onion, making this series of Univision-related facts the most ridiculous thing I’ll learn today. And I’m following the presidential race!


It’s over.


I’m presuming that some/many of Gawker’s satellites will remain though.


I think it’s for the best. Gawker goes away entirely. The other sites get to keep operating under Univision.


They were pretty clear a couple days ago, that the different sites were all considered different entities, if not all run by the gawker corp. So, the site gawker.com is kaput, but the other sites owned by gawker media are likely staying on.

Which is good, because Deadspin/Kotaku/Gizmodo are all pretty good websites with some damn fine writers.

I think Gawker.com deserves the same accolades as those sites, but few will agree with me here. Their 2016 election coverage has been a lot of fun, I guess I will have Full Frontal for my trumpenfraude laughs.


The decision to close Gawker comes days after Univision successfully bid $135 million for Gawker Media’s six other websites, and four months after the Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel revealed his clandestine legal campaign against the company.

They really can’t help themselves.


I mean, it IS what was going on.


Of most of the high profile Gawker affiliated sites, Gawker itself was probably both among the most expensive to run and also generated the smallest amount of ad revenue.


No, they can’t, but it’s not as if anyone would expect them to state the truth, which of course is:

“…four months after it was revealed that one of the more notorious victims of Gawker’s illegal and unethical conduct had elected to empower other Gawker victims to fight back against such malfeasance, which resulted in a court of law finally imposing sizable penalties on Gawker for such misconduct. After Gawker was repeatedly unable to further delay enforcement of that judgment, its owners elected to cease operations but continue their efforts to avoid compensating victims in accordance with that judgment and have filed additional appeals”

Denton has $300m plus in personal wealth and yet declared personal bankruptcy to try to avoid paying the $10m judgment against him - you just have to laugh what an inhuman bastard he is.


Right but it’s all stashed in the Cayman Islands, so it doesn’t count. He really is broke, your honor.

I genuinely feel bad for many of the writers there. Their owner and former editors were the sleazebags, but much of the writing staff was doing good work. Despite how douchey they could be, I still I read their posts daily. I hope they get a new gig soon.


It sounds like most of the staff were/are in the process of being offered positions at other outlets owned by Univision.


It was Denton and editors writing the stuff everyone hates Gawker for. It was the employees. It was a top-to-bottom culture throughout the entire firm. The only people who get a bye from me are the service and utility workers in the offices.