Hogwarts Legacy - WB makes a full AAA RPG for Harry Potter

What a thoroughly unpleasant and needlessly cruel way of seeing the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the rest of the world operates like that forum; just rare exceptions such as that. For the most part in my experience, people on forums would rather discuss things and connect with one another, than play king of the hill, and that’s anathema to the posters that most frequent ResetEra.

Edit: apologies for the meta-commentary, I don’t really have much to add to the Hogwarts discussion itself other than I too initially thought it was the Just Cause team making the game, and have been having to temper my expectations ever since learning differently.

This is a top-notch parenthetical.

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Here’s some unscripted exploring:

Edit: I didn’t realize the current consoles and PC get this on Feb 10th, but the PS4 and Xbox One have to wait until April 4th.

If by “current consoles”, you mean PS5 and Xbox Series, then yes. Switch release isn’t until July.

Yeah, a bunch of folks got hands-on previews in the last week or two, and the embargo on their experiences/impressions lifted today.

This felt like a pretty even-handed preview with footage and discussion, despite the click-baity headline:

That combat/spell gameplay looks pretty good. Like good enough to make me want to play.

Gaming has become a minefield these days!

I watched Jackfrag’s video, and maybe it’s because single player RPGs isn’t his thing, but he made it look kind of boring.

Can’t watch until I get home. Are they generally favorable in the previews? Anything I saw so far looked pretty good.

Generally favorable, at least it seems to me. Looks like they dropped everyone in at a little higher level than where you are when you first start so that everyone had a broom to ride to explore with. And then everyone got to do a story mission with combat and then some exploration inside the academy.

The main takeaways I got is that the game looks really beautiful, all the Hogwarts stuff that fans of the IP would want is (mostly) in there, and that the combat is much better than anyone kind of expected it to be. (Although it also sounds like the combat is pretty “dark” – you’re a Fifth Year and you’re killing people with the whatever-they’re-called un-allowed curses from the movies/books.)

Obviously, no one’s really sure if the story will hold up, since they’ve not played it that far.

Yeah, I wondered about that. I suppose there must be some story reason for everyone being fine with kids firing off dark blasts of magic that disintegrate people. Maybe because it’s the 1890’s?

I’ve seen some speculation that those killer/torture spells aren’t illegal (I honestly cannot recall the word for them…) in the 19th century, and the game will explain why they become that way.

But yeah, I think it’s that GameRanx preview where it was mentioned that especially for deep fans of the fiction, it’s going to be a bit jarring.

“Oh, wow. Who could’ve foreseen that teaching kids how to magically crucify and disintegrate people would lead to all these murders!?”

While I enjoyed the movies I’m not diehard into the lore so that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. :) I just want decent gameplay with cool environments to run around. Seems like I will be getting that. I don’t even super care about the overall story as long as it’s not totally batshit insane.

The “Unforgivable” Curses

Or, in the 1890s, the “pretty forgivable, actually” curses.