Hogwarts Legacy - WB makes a full AAA RPG for Harry Potter

I think you create your character. It’s not a fixed protagonist.

Wow, that is not an impressive resume.

This trailer had me squeal in excitement as I haven’t done since… I don’t even know.
To get to play as a student at Hogwarts? Exploring the surroundings? Attend classes? All the great graphics? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is a dream I’ve had since I first read the books back in my teens. Sheesh to actually finally get to do that, and without annoying Hermoine or Ron being in there.

Hahahah. I liked Ron and Hermoine. But I guess that does bring up the question of whether or not they’ll have friend characters for you to interact with in the game. Hopefully they won’t be as nasty as the “friends” in Bully.

I always hated Ron. Hermione ending up with him in the end was a travesty. Dumb, jealous second-rate jock blockhead :-D

I agree, Armando. Hermione could’ve done a lot better – like, say, Harry Potter. :) I’m also not wild about Ginny for Harry. I was rooting for him to be with Cho Chang, or Hermione, or even Luna.

Agreed. Luna would have been an excellent pairing, kind of. Though I’m not sure if Harry was smart enough to understand her 3rd level dialog. He always seemed to be too literal.

Harry x Luna is the most correct pairing. Hermione x me was a close second, of course. Ah, for the dreams of youth long past.

I’ll abide no slander of Ronnie the effin’ Bear on this forum! Y’all must be too entranced by the sickbed of heaven rather than the flesh and blood of the now.

I will begrudgingly cede all arguments I have made against Ron due to your rightful and moral Wizard People, Dear Readers-based philosophy.

edit: That said, second recording superiority FO LYFE yo. Gimme that Neely rasp on max, pls.

I think it’s the first recording where he’s extra raspy because he had a cold or something such that he recorded a second version, which I prefer because I think some of the phrases are better written in the second.

Either way, I’m expecting a Wizard People mod for this eventually and will be crushed if there isn’t one.

What this? I had no idea.

Me neither. Not sure what to make of it.

Wizard People, Dear Reader is a comedic retelling of the first Harry Potter movie by a guy—Brad Neely of Professor Bros/China, Il/Washington fame—who had (has?) not read any of the books. It even has a Wikipedia page. You’re in for a treat, assuming your sense of humor aligns enough with mine:

Or the raspy reedy version Armando (maybe doesn’t) prefers:

It’s also available as audio only, I just like the versions synced with the movie for the full audio/visual experience.

I consider the first link to be the “raspy” one and the latter to be the “reedy” one internally, but those are my personal descriptors. In any case, yes, it is amazing, and one of my favorite things ever.

OMG this is hysterical!


nooooo :(

I think the only thing I found really “funny” about Wizard People, Dear Reader was the name “Professor Hardcastle McCormick,” and that’s because I, dear reader, am old.

The only solution for this tragic gap in the world’s HP release schedule is for Brad Neely to release parodies of the final 7 films in the series.