Hogwarts Legacy - WB makes a full AAA RPG for Harry Potter

And that is why I love you guys. I’ve seen a lot of touchy conversations on here, and I’ve seen many members passionately argue and defend topics, but I have never seen anyone threatened with a ban for having a particular point of view (thus far) and I have never seen topics declared off-limits for discussion at all. Thank you all for acting like – and treating other members like – adults.

Hey, wait, what did I miss? Why is the game controversial in the first place?

" controversial Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy ."

Edit: Is it because of J.K. Rowling that the game is considered controversial? I honestly didnt’ think she’d be very involved with the making of the game, but I must admit I haven’t done any serious research. I was just stoked about the Hogwarts game… =/

The issue with the Harry Potter IP at this point is that unlike a lot of other fantasy/sci-fi licenses with controversial creators, JK is alive, has a gigantic social media following which she uses to spread harmful opinions, is very active in the management of the IP, and directly profits from any deals. Buying Harry Potter [anything] funds JK and contributes to the success of future business deals for JK.

A lot of fans are heartbroken over the situation because it’s hard to do the “separate the art from the artist” bit with Harry Potter.

Ah, right. Yeah, it sure comes with a bitter taste to love the HP Universe these days…

I do wonder if JK, as an individual, attracts boycotts far more than corporations that have done far worse things (c.f. Disney).

I guess I’m old too. I found nothing funny about Wizard People, Dear Reader. But then, I’ve read and enjoyed the books multiple times, so I’m not only old but also biased. :)

Well, also that a huge lesson from Harry Potter is the exact opposite of the opinions she is spouting.

I am so angry about this whole thing.

Anyone that knows me knows I lurve Harry Potter like a dog loves bacon. Maybe not that much, but I have been spouting off for a decade about ‘they could make a fortune with a HP/Skyrim type game’. And here it is.

But since Skyrim, JKR has become some sort of batshit insane crazy person.

The person in charge of the game is a twat.

But a decade of pining and it actually exists and now it feels like if I get it anyway, I’m the asshole. Because other people are assholes. Stop fucking being assholes, other people.

Maybe it would be healthier to just buy and play it anyway and lie or not tell anybody.

Also people could stop being assholes.

Yea, but you can’t control other people or allow them to run your life for you.

I hear you. Right now my son is on the Switch playing Lego Harry Potter, and on the shelf above me are actual Lego Harry Potter sets. The Hogwarts castle sets are exquisite, and were a real joy to watch him put together.

Works like this tend to be inherently collaborative due to the large groups working on them. But still, if Rowling would simply shut the hell up it would certainly be financially beneficial for her.

It’s a sucky situation for sure. I don’t judge anyone harshly for getting this game. I won’t get it but that’s not because I believe I’m morally superior to people that want an open-world Harry Potter game. I just can’t support anything that benefits Rowling.

It’s similar to everyone getting excited by Diablo II Resurrection or Diablo IV news. Or people that are playing the latest Call of Duty. I’m not going to spend a penny on any of those games, but if someone else does, I don’t think lesser of them.

I do miss the good old days, when I could enjoy a book, movie, or video game without all the talk about the creator’s opinions. Politics has permeated everything and I hate it.


I know right? The good old days of Custer’s Revenge.

That’s social media in action. In the before-times, artists could have all kinds of heinous opinions and you’d never even know it until a biographer got their hands on their private correspondence and wrote about it in a book that you may or may not read.

Now it’s out there. All the time.

It’s strangely specific to creators. The people who built my house and made my car and paved my street had terrible opinions… but whatevs.

Umm, no, it’s nothing like that at all. That’s an objectionable game. There’s nothing objectionable about this game, it’s the creator’s personal opinions that trouble people.

Political views have always been there, so you were either too young to care or uninformed.